Make School is redesigning higher education for the 21st century. Our emphasis is on ensuring relevance of education for the modern economy and accessibility to students of all backgrounds.

Students earn a Bachelor’s in Applied Computer Science while studying liberal arts, computer science theory, and product development. Our outcomes are on par with schools like Stanford and MIT with alumni working at companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Y Combinator startups.

Students can graduate in 2 years and pay tuition through Income Share Agreements as a percentage of their salary once employed. We also provide low-income students with living assistance to help cover their living expenses. 45% of our students are underrepresented students of color, while 66% are from low-mid income families.

Our education is designed to be


We believe learning should be inspiring, fun, and deeply personal. The foundation of your education is your relationship with your coach, who works to understand your personal and professional goals to help navigate your journey through college. Your coach is your friend, your mentor, and your support system. We believe making is the best way to learn. Our classes are designed around exercises and projects and serve as scaffolding for the larger scale personal projects that construct your portfolio.


Community is at the core of our education, with peers supporting each other in and out of the classroom. Students serve the community as Teaching Assistants, Resident Advisors, Student Council representatives, builders of our software infrastructure, and as friends. You’ll build large-scale projects with teams, experiencing the creativity and challenges of working with others. A social education is essential to your character development and will equip you to engage and succeed in the professional world.


We designed our curriculum with input from tech industry founders, engineers, and CTOs and maintain strong partnerships with tech companies and incubators to ensure our education stays relevant. Every class emphasizes the “why” of the topic you’re learning, built around course and program level objectives supporting your career goals. You’ll be evaluated on holistic rubrics to align your learning and progress with a broad set of hard skills and character traits that companies use to define success in the workplace.

Comparing To Traditional Colleges

Our graduates start their careers with an average salary of $95k/year, on par with graduates from top-tier programs and far ahead of the national average of around $ 66,000.

Our graduates start working 2 years earlier than typical computer science undergrads. While their peers are paying up to $80,000 in tuition for their junior and senior years of college, our typical graduate earns $190,000 pre-tax.


At Make School, we see the admissions process more as a coaching opportunity rather than a process during which we simply judge students on their skills and experiences. Our mission at Make School is to ensure that every student gains the abilities needed to succeed in reaching their goals and aspirations in life - and this mission starts during the admissions process.

The selection process takes a holistic view of your experiences and achievements - both inside and outside of the classroom.

Generally speaking, we are looking for:

  • A pattern of hard work. This could be in an academic or non-academic setting.
  • Involvement in projects, activities, organizations. This could be a hackathon, volunteer work, student council, community projects, sports teams, or academic societies.
  • Character traits such as teamwork, collaboration, kindness, emotional intelligence, resilience, and an interest in software engineering.

While we value prior programming experience, we do not require it. In fact, our admissions process was designed to welcome programmers of all levels.

We require all applicants to submit their SAT or ACT scores, however, the selection process is not focused on test scores. After submitting an application, go to your dashboard for upload instructions or request the testing agency to forward a score report to Make School using our college code numbers:

  • ACT code: 7957
  • SAT code: 7604

International Students

The F-1 visa is the only visa that non-US citizens or permanent residents can use to attend Make School. Make School will be eligible to accept international students once final accreditor approval is obtained and once the federal government adds the program to the list of F-1 visa eligible programs.

In previous years, the federal government update would usually take weeks. Under the current administration, there may be additional delays.

Furthermore, Make School is in the process of finalizing tuition financing options for international students. Though we hope to offer tuition financing that makes the program accessible to international students, international students should be prepared to cover their cost of living during the program - housing, food, and other expenses may total up to $20,000/year.

As a result, though Make School is accepting international applicants, we strongly encourage applicants to apply to other programs to keep other options open. Make School expects to be able to update applicants on whether the program will be F-1 eligible by April 2019.

Tuition & Aid

Since 2014, the majority of Make School students have financed their tuition with Make School's Income Share Agreement (ISA). Instead of paying tuition up front, students taking an ISA commit to paying a percentage of their income for a certain number of years after graduating (see table below.) With ISA financing, graduates only pay when they have a job making more than $60,000/year.

Our ISA financing model aligns our incentives with the outcomes of our students - we are successful if you are successful. With ISA, you only owe when you earn.

All US Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for full ISA financing. Make School also offers the option to pay part or all of tuition up front. The more tuition you choose to pay up front, the fewer months of repayment will be shared with Make School after graduation. When you enroll you will be asked to choose your preferred tuition payment and ISA financing plan.


No ISA Partial ISA Full ISA
Year 1: $40,000 upfront tuition Year 1: $20,000 upfront tuition+
18 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary
Year 1: $0 upfront tuition+
36 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary
Year 2: $30,000 upfront tuition Year 2: $15,000 upfront tuition+
12 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary
Year 2: $0 upfront tuition+
24 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary
Total: $70,000 tuition paid Total: $35,000 upfront tuition+
30 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary
Total: $0 upfront tuition+
60 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary

Our students learn computer science by building real-world products

*Pending WSCUC Approval. The Bachelor in Applied Computer Science program is offered through an incubation partnership between Make School PBC and Dominican University of California.
To learn more about our path to accreditation, read our story

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