Bachelor's degree program Smart Building Engineering and Management


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Bachelor's degree program Smart Building Engineering and Management


Bachelor of Science

Those who have a variety of interests, do not want to confine themselves to a specific area of study and aspire to a challenging position, are exactly right in the bachelor program Smart Building Engineering and Management (SBM). The degree program offers a broad scientific education at the interface of technology and management with modules in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, information technology, economics, law and architecture.

A report by our graduate Natalia Janzen. Further videos of our graduates Michael Beck, Manuela Höfs and Fabian Hillebrand can be found below.

Smart Buildings are digitally networked, energy-efficient and sustainable buildings, as they are today in many new buildings realized and retrofitted in the modernization and renovation of existing buildings. Smart buildings as a modern type of building are, of course, closely linked to the Internet, as they are connected to conventional gas, water and electricity supply networks.

Processes and services in the development, planning and management of real estate are being supported by information technology to an increasing extent. This ranges from autonomous systems of safety technology to maintenance with automated repair orders, self-optimizing room occupancy, to service robotics, for example, for reception and cleaning services. Largely to completely independent, ie automated workflows are visible expression of an increasingly digitizing real estate industry.

The networking ensures, in particular, optimal heating and cooling as well as usage-adapted ventilation and lighting. Regenerative energy systems, eg plants for solar energy use, can be integrated into the other building services engineering and operated with maximum efficiency. As a result, the smart building will simultaneously become a producer and consumer of energy, ie a "prosumer".

Graduates of the Smart Building Engineering and Management degree program play a leading role in the planning, construction and operation of intelligent buildings, properties and industrial facilities.

Their technical know-how and business knowledge make them increasingly important for the success of companies, because they take care of the basics of the infrastructure with a view to the best possible fulfillment of customer needs. The graduates also ensure that the structural and technical equipment is provided and used cost-effectively and energy-efficiently over the entire life cycle. They act as integrators in all digitization activities and coordinate the specialist areas of specialists. They thus ensure efficiency and sustainability across the entire value chain - from project development to planning to operation and the long-term use of real estate.

The optimization of the economy and value of the buildings and facilities, a smooth operation and thus user-friendly working conditions for the people in the company are important goals of Smart Building Engineering and Management.


The graduates are all-rounders in many fields of expertise, in which they have sufficient insight to be able to engage in technical exchange with specialists. In addition to expertise in technical building management, they also acquire specialist knowledge and personal skills in commercial building management with operating cost calculations, business plans, controlling and contract management. Data protection and data security as well as the latest planning and management software are also part of the degree program. Building Information Modeling (BIM) creates a continuous, digital image of the building, which is becoming an increasingly important foundation for planning and operating real estate and is practiced with students.

Interdisciplinary application examples, excursions, project work as well as teamwork and presentations accompany the entire course of study and prepare ideally for the challenges in the profession. Of particular importance is the practical study semester, which students can undertake at well-known companies, in particular in metropolitan regions such as Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich or Zurich, from which topics often arise for the final theses. Of great advantage here is the excellent network of the university to relevant associations and companies as well as to the graduates, who are active in leading positions in Germany and Switzerland. The opportunity for worldwide stays abroad offers additional perspectives.


General or subject-related university entrance qualification, Fachhochschulreife

application deadline

15th of July


winter semester

study period

7 semesters

Studying abroad

Semester abroad at (optional) over 30 partner and host universities worldwide possible




Life Sciences


Campus Sigmaringen

Smart Building Engineering and Management - Course Content

Scientific Basis and Practical Application - Contents in the course Smart Building Engineering and Management

The Smart Building Engineering and Management degree offers the ideal entry into a successful professional life through a broad scientific education with modules in natural sciences, engineering, information, economics, law and architecture.


Smart Building Engineering and Management - Occupational fields

Best job prospects in many industries

As varied as the contents of the degree program are the perspectives that you have after successfully completing your studies.

The graduates are sought-after specialists and executives in a dynamically growing market. They choose innovative, demanding and crisis-proof professional tasks with the potential for rapidly increasing responsibility and personal development.

Professional positions with excellent career opportunities are:

  • Leading role in international building management service companies or in the building management business of private and public companies (in industry, commerce, healthcare and local communities)
  • Development of concepts for the planning and operation of smart buildings in engineering offices and consulting firms
  • Building management as property, real estate or energy manager * in.

Study Program Smart Building Engineering and Management - Advantages

Studying smart building engineering and management - a very good choice


Smart Building Engineering and Management - Study Models

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Smart Building Engineering and Management - Research and Transfer

The work in research and transfer enables the students to scientifically work on topics from the everyday professional life of companies. On the one hand, this strengthens the high practical relevance and benefits the students when starting their careers. On the other hand, companies also profit by systematically and well-founded questions that are relevant to them, which often lacks time and resources in everyday practice.

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