Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Public Relations (BSMCPR)


Program Description

Core Competence

The Department of Mass Communication and Public Relations aspires to produce highly competent communicators who apply critical thinking to solve public relations issues and demonstrate ethical and professional behaviour.

In minting socially responsible communication professionals capable of competently employing a broad range of media and technologies available for disseminating messages and images to various publics, the Department enables students to explore media-related issues from many points of view with the aim to instil a creative thought process requiring both inquiry and critical thinking.


Graduates from the department Mass Communication & Public Relations have the opportunity to work in radio, television, and the press or public relations. They can either establish their own offices or work in the private and public sectors in areas such as public relations, implementation and commercial activities. Besides, they have the opportunity to be instructors in universities after continuing their higher studies.

Fast Facts

  • Qualification: Bachelors in Mass Communication & Public Relations
  • Type: Undergraduate
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Qualification name: Mass Communication & Public Relations
  • College: College of Arts & Science
  • Language of offering: Arabic & English

Teaching and Assessment

This programme aims to help the students to gain knowledge, background and ability in the subject of Mass Communication & Public Relations.

  • Students are provided with both theoretical and practical knowledge
  • All audio-visual media are also used for designing works in computer laboratories by means of modern drawing software. (Photoshop, Flash)
  • Information given in courses like “Graphic and Multimedia” is mainly professional for the first three years. In the last year, which is the period of entering the profession, students are provided with the first-hand experience in designing interactive multimedia.
  • The programme is a four-year full-time professional degree with a total of 134 credit hours, these credits include a graduation project.
  • The medium of instruction is approximately 60% – 40% Arabic – English

Bachelor's Degree Fees

The estimated duration for completion of a Bachelors Degree at Ahlia University is 4 years. This is structured around 134 credit-hours covering 45 courses.

The duration of study for each course is fifteen weeks, covering approximately 45 study hours.

  • Application Fee: BD 20
  • Registration Fee: BD 200
  • Placement Tests Fee (if applicable): BD 40
  • Orientation Courses (if applicable): BD 1200
  • First Year Courses – 12 courses (BD 300 Per Course): BD 3,500
  • Second Year Courses – 11 courses (BD 330 Per Course): BD 3,630
  • Third Year Courses – 11 courses (BD 360 Per Course): BD 3,960
  • Fourth Year Courses – 11 courses (BD 390 Per Course): BD 4,290
  • Total: BD 16,840

Please note that the fees listed above do not include the cost of textbooks required to complete the program.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must hold at least a recognized and endorsed secondary school certificate or equivalent.

Applicants must pass the placement tests or submit an international recognised certificate or attain an acceptable score on an internationally recognised examination, in order to be exempted from the orientation programme.

Apply Now

To apply to join the University, applicants must fill in the Application form either by attending at the Directorate of Admission and Registration in the University or by filling in the application form online. In all cases, applicants must bring hard copies of all the required application documents to the Directorate of Admission and Registration in order to complete their application process.

When to Apply

The university has a limited number of places available for each academic programme; hence to ensure your application is considered you should apply by the relevant deadline:

  • August 2019 – deadline for applicants wishing to join in the First Semester of the Academic Year 2019/2020.
  • January 2020 – deadline for applicants wishing to join in the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2019/2020.
  • May 2020 – deadline for applicants wishing to join in the Summer Session of the Academic Year 2019/2020 (Applications are restricted to transfer students only).

How We Select Students

Applicants are selected from the most promising of the eligible applicants and up to the limits of available space determined by the university. Please note that the requirements for admission stated by the University are in all cases the minimum demanded admission, and their fulfilment by an applicant does not automatically ensure their selection.

Prior to enrolling in University, citizens of non-GCC States should secure residence permits in the Kingdom of Bahrain; otherwise, their admission, granted conditionally, is subject to being rescinded at the discretion of the University.

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At Ahlia University we are proud of our growing reputation as a provider of quality higher education in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the wider Gulf region. The high quality of education at Ahlia Univers ... Read More

At Ahlia University we are proud of our growing reputation as a provider of quality higher education in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the wider Gulf region. The high quality of education at Ahlia University is at the core of everything we do and the reviews by the Quality Assurance Agency continue to recognise the quality of our teaching and learning. Read less