Bachelor's Degree in International Business


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Program Description

Studying in the Bachelor's Degree in International Business provides you with understanding of the global issues hence preparing you for diverse business opportunities. The programme aims at providing the students with the vital skills needed to work in expert positions in small and medium-sized companies involved in international business. The opportunity to study together with students from different countries and cultures builds your cross-cultural communication and people skills for success in a modern business world.

Upon completion of the required 210 credits within three and a half years, graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration. The language of instruction in this programme is English. With personal study planning and dedication, it is also possible to complete the degree in a shorter time than the official 3,5 years.

Structure of the Programme

Basic studies provide the student with the basic information needed to understand the fundamental processes of business operations. Professional studies include special study modules covering different areas of international business activities. These studies emphasise the framework and strategies of international business, international management and communication skills, with focus on international marketing and leadership in a modern, digitalised environment. Further specialization studies and free-choice studies provide the student with the opportunity to deepen and widen knowledge related to his/her own professional field.

An essential part of the degree programme is also a 5-month practical training period which gives you the opportunity to apply acquired theory in practice. The practical training can be accomplished in Finland or abroad. Towards the end of your studies, you will also complete a thesis in the form of project work, research work or applied research. The purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate your ability to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during your studies.

Graduates of the International Business Programme will be able to choose from a variety of employment positions from being self-employed to working in management, planning and development posts within projects, sales, and marketing in both private and public sector.

Theory and Practise Combined

Studying in a university of applied sciences in Finland is practically oriented. The studies in the International Business programme include lectures and seminars to provide the theoretical background for the subjects, but also a lot of group work, project work, and presentations to apply the theory into practice. The students will participate in real-life business projects and also in arranging different kinds of events within different courses.

Opportunities for Student Exchange

As a student at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, you will be able to complete a part of your studies and/or practical training abroad using our wide network of partners. An exchange period abroad can be used to broaden your specialization area within the studies. The students may receive financial support from KAMK for their student exchange. It is also possible to obtain a double degree with a partner university in Germany by completing part of the studies in Germany.

Last updated May 2019

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