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Program Description

Experience a New Way of Learning Architecture

At the La Salle-Ramon Llull University School of Architecture in Barcelona, our goal is to respond to the needs of the professional market, and so we have opted for a new methodology with the aim of adapting our degrees to each individual student, promoting cross-disciplinary skills and broadening their vision and international experience.

Thanks to the program's original approach, each of our students’ university experience is unique and personal to them.  As they progress in their studies, students can choose different ways to explore architecture adapted to their individual sensibilities.

Learning is based around three key pillars: Design Studio, Technique, and Culture.

Design Studio

This is the essence of cross-disciplinary learning and comprises the subjects of Workshop, Projects and Urban Planning. These subjects all take place in a single space on the Campus, with 1st-year students sharing a space with 4th and 5th-year students, where they not only learn through the subjects themselves, but they also absorb knowledge from their peers and the projects that are being carried out in the same space in a cross-disciplinary way.

Technique and culture

Students learn the precise technique they need in order to build while applying a critical spirit that allows them to constantly correct and improve.

Around these three key pillars of the degree, three fundamental points are developed that truly set the La Salle-Ramon Llull University School of Architecture apart:

Barcelona as a classroom for research, analysis and work. We take advantage of the rich tradition of the city as an architectural space. In the second cycle, students develop the Barcelona Unit, working with real projects for the city.

The Campus in Barcelona, a unique, culturally rich and multidisciplinary space. With the aim of acquiring and making the most of all your potential, the following projects are developed around the Campus:

  • Campus Week: all 1st-year students from all over the campus will come together to form cross-disciplinary teams
  • Campus Option: 2nd and 3rd-year students will choose an elective assignment from another degree taught on campus.
  • Campus Unit: During the 2nd cycle, cross-disciplinary work will be carried out together with other degree students simulating the kind of working teams you will find in the real world.

International learning and experience remain one of the main focuses of the School of Architecture of La Salle Campus Barcelona. In addition to being able to study your degree 100% in English as you share your university experience with students from all over the world, various activities are carried out on campus to allow students to learn and internalize this global vision. There are three international placements throughout the degree:

  • 1st year: Introductory trip to explore Architecture. The objective of this first trip is for students to learn to experience Architecture, to look at their surroundings differently and to begin to build their analytical and critical spirit.
  • During the2nd/3rd year years, students go on a trip to a European city where real projects, workshops and visits are developed.
  • The trip in the 4th/5th years is a personalized trip based on the units chosen in the second cycle. The destinations are related to the choices of modules made by each of the students.

Furthermore, internships can be taken throughout the degree at international architectural studios.

International Visiting professor: We host internationally-recognized teachers who teach units in the second cycle and offer master classes to first cycle students.

A methodology inspired by leading European architecture universities that makes us unique.

With the Degree in Architecture Studies at La Salle Ramon Llull University, you will have the official university degree required to take the Master’s Degree in Architecture and qualify to practice as an architect.

Last updated May 2020

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La Salle Campus Barcelona - URL es un centro universitario internacional con más de cien años de historia, dedicado a la formación integral de las personas. Somos miembros fundadores de la Universidad ... Read More

La Salle Campus Barcelona - URL es un centro universitario internacional con más de cien años de historia, dedicado a la formación integral de las personas. Somos miembros fundadores de la Universidad Ramon Llull, primera universidad privada de Cataluña sin ánimo de lucro. Read less