Bachelor of Graphic Design - Camboriú

The course of Graphic Design emphasizes the training of professional technical and scientific basis for designing systems for the visual language or tailored to the needs of the user objects, integrating knowledge of aesthetic nature, ergonomic, technological, market and socio-cultural.

Advocates graphic design culture as a communication tool in industry, trade and services, stimulating entrepreneurship in creating autonomous and / or business projects. Professional fashion whose work is guided by four basic lines:

  • Search aesthetic-functional balance between beauty and practicality.
  • Realization of interfaces between aesthetics, psychology, economics, sociology and ergonomics.
  • Systemic view of the project, from the design of the object and its viability, placing on the market and eventual acceptance by the consumer.
  • Technical realization of all stages of the design process.

Objective of the Course

The course design major in Graphic Design aims to train professionals of critical design, ethical and socially responsible through a vanguard of teaching, using research, education and extension in order to generate innovative solutions in Graphic Design and contribute to the development of society and its institutions, valuing creativity and culture as essential to this process.

The professional field

The graphic designer develops planning activities and projects related to visual language, covering the areas of corporate identity, signage, packaging, Editorial, illustration, typography, web, Point of Sale, Photography and Video, including animation. Articulates texts and images, using the most diverse media and situations.


The graphic designer is a professional who thinks, creates, analyzes and develops graphic designs, conceptualizing them with specific methodologies, integrating inter and multidisciplinary teams. In other words, it develops marks and corporate identities and throughout the study to their applications. Develops the aesthetics of packaging, books, magazines, advertisements and websites, including the development of drawings and photographic illustrations.

Profile Egress

The Graphic Design course graduate will be a creative professional who prepares graphic designs articulating aesthetics, symbolism, sustainability and functionality, plans and executes the visual programming of various media, produces, creates and publishes infographics, pages and Internet portals and animations amid digital and can work in design studios, advertising agencies, media companies and film producers, sensitive to psychosocial, physiological and environmental needs, interpreting market and cultural phenomena, conveying technology and interacting with other areas of knowledge, thinking in a global context and acting locally.


The graduate of Graphic Design must have the following skills:

  • Creative ability to propose innovative solutions in the development of graphic designs.
  • Own language domain expressing concepts and solutions in their projects, according to the various techniques of expression and visual playback.
  • Domain principles and visual communication skills, cognitive processes and semiotics in creating graphics products.
  • Interdisciplinary transit capacity, interacting with specialists from other areas in order to use various knowledge and work in interdisciplinary teams.
  • Entrepreneurial capacity and business management and projects.
  • Ethical and socially responsible behavior, respecting diversity, culture and history.
  • Systemic view of design, showing ability to conceptualize it from the appropriate combination of tangible and intangible components, production processes, economic, historical and sociological.
Program taught in:
Portuguese (Brazil)

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Mar 2020
Mar 2020
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