What will they teach me?

Within the direction of preparing the "Economics" of the "Taxes and Taxation" profile, the Department of Taxes and Taxation prepares bachelors and masters in the field of taxation for legal entities and individuals.

The basic educational program for the preparation of a bachelor in this field provides for a comprehensive approach to the study of humanities, mathematics, science disciplines (history, philosophy, mathematics, computer science, etc.), general professional disciplines (management, marketing, statistics, macroeconomics, pricing, etc.). And special disciplines (taxes and taxation, federal taxes and fees from organizations, regional and local taxes, special tax regimes, taxation of nature use, insurance Securities market, etc.).

This approach ensures that students receive full-fledged economic knowledge necessary for their further professional work and training in the magistracy.

Strengthening, deepening of theoretical knowledge in the studied disciplines, acquisition of practical skills are carried out in the course of passing the practice in the tax authorities, as well as in the financial and tax services of enterprises and organizations.

Along with basic knowledge of economics, students receive a large amount of knowledge in legal disciplines, which is very valuable in today's economic environment.

Who can I work with?

A bachelor of tax economy can work:

  • In the tax authorities;
  • In financial and economic services of enterprises and organizations;
  • In state and municipal authorities (in posts requiring basic higher economic education);
  • In auditing and consulting firms;
  • Tax advisers.
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