Professionalize the human capital in Commercial Engineering with entrepreneurial character, developing skills and abilities in their area, to apply their knowledge and acquired tools; looking for an integral and innovative development in the commercial and business areas.


To be the leading career in the training of entrepreneurial and innovative professionals who solve emerging problems in the commercial and business spheres.

General objectives

To train professionals at the Bachelor level, oriented to satisfy the social and labor market requirements, through the intensive use of technical-scientific methodologies oriented to plan, formulate, analyze and implement policies and strategies in the areas included in the economic, administrative branches , financial and commercial; allowing to confront problems in a highly competitive market.

Specific objectives

  • Provide the student with scientific knowledge and technical skills that allow him / her to understand the organizational and / or corporate problems, within the national and international context in which it develops.
  • To provide the student with academic knowledge with the purpose of identifying and solving organizational problems, through the use of qualitative-quantitative methods.
  • To develop in students superior intellectual abilities and capacities, oriented to the management of public, private and / or mixed entities through the use of administrative, economic and financial management tools.
  • Provide the future professional with high administrative management skills oriented to social commitments framed in the ethical and moral canons that the social environment demands.
  • Provide students with the ability to guide public opinion regarding the various socio-economic events in various situations and problems of the national and international reality, through a responsible dissemination of ideas, opinions, proposals and projects that make possible a fair human coexistence based on the rights of natural and legal persons.
  • Train professionals with management skills, execution, planning and control of business management activities.

Professional profile

The career of Commercial Engineering is aimed at training human resources of character; Proactive, innovative, analytical and positive, knowledgeable about reality, with the ability to achieve achievements based on competencies, with human values ​​and skills to prepare strategic plans in the commercial area.

The professional in Commercial Engineering of the Private Technical University Cosmos, is formed to:

  • Formulate, analyze and carry out market studies at national and international level.
  • Plan the import and export process, carry out commercial practices, is a marketing specialist, can formulate marketing projects in commercial, mining, agricultural, industrial, and other areas.
  • Be ethical and competitive in the exercise of their profession.
  • Be efficient and timely in the updating of business processes and in the identification of problems and their adequate solution.
  • Be responsible for compliance with current legal provisions issued by the state and also promotes the continuous updating of their knowledge that allows it to be in line with the changes emerging today.

Business Engineering Study Plan

First semester

  • Basic accounting
  • Administration I
  • Calculation I
  • Linear algebra
  • English I
  • Sociology

Second semester

  • Intermediate accounting
  • Administration II
  • Programming Techniques I
  • General Economy
  • Calculus II
  • English II

Third semester

  • Cost Accounting I
  • Commercial and Tax Law
  • Microeconomics I
  • Macroeconomics I
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Programming Techniques II

Fourth semester

  • Cost Accounting II
  • Labor Law
  • Microeconomics II
  • Macroeconomics II
  • Probability and statistics

Fifth semester

  • Budget
  • Human resources management
  • Marketing I (Fundamentals)
  • Information system
  • Operations Research I

Sixth semester

  • Financial Mathematics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing II (Market Research)
  • Econometrics
  • Operations Research II

Seventh semester

  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic planning
  • International economy
  • Production Administration
  • Research Methodology

Eighth semester

  • Preparation and evaluation of projects
  • Financial Markets
  • Strategic marketing
  • Capital Market
  • Quality management
  • Grade I Project

Ninth semester

  • Administration Seminar
  • Decision making
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Economics Seminar
  • Grade II Project

Optional assignatures

  • Theory of Sampling
  • Administration and Public Management
  • Municipal Management and Environment
  • Business Policy
  • Credit Technology

Labor Field

The professional of the Commercial Engineering Degree will be able to perform in the following occupational fields:

  • In public and private companies, be they national or international.
  • As an independent Professional, Consultant in Finance Administration, Business and Marketing.
  • In specialized consultants in the marketing area.
  • In Advice for medium and small companies (MYPES).
  • As Credit Counselor, Business Officer in public, private and cooperative financial institutions.
  • As Analyst and Evaluator of Socio-economic Projects.
  • General Manager, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, advertising and even to create your own organization of goods or services.
  • In university teaching.
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Feb 2020
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Feb 2020
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