Bachelors (Honours) Degree in Business Management


Program Description

ISG –Business School's Degree in Business Management is an innovative course in the panorama of higher education in business management and includes strong components of training in essential areas of mathematics and principals of management, which focuses on applications oriented towards Management Control. Furthermore, it enables carrying out functions which are currently more relevant in the context of an organization such as auditing, consultancy and specialized areas of management.

The school uses original teaching methods and educational strategies that emphasize the use of Information Technologies, and Case Studies that enable the student to understand the function of management in a national context and reality.

The direct links that the school has into organizational networks, the high quality of its teaching staff, coherently organized course curricula and its solid teaching methods are more than enough reasons for ISG – Business School to affirm that it is one of the most sounds and relevant projects of business education at a national level.


  • Strong preparation of students in the material in the scientific areas of management like mathematics, Information systems, economics, social and human sciences, law and Foreign Languages.
  • Develop individual with a myriad of competencies that are especially in demand in small and medium-sized companies and other similar organizations that are prominently present in the national market.
  • Motivate future graduates to pursue their studies into the second cycle as a form of continuity in their education and to constantly reinforce their competencies.
  • Provide basic training in business management, with the above-mentioned characteristics, to all students who want a career in business management and have all the necessary qualifications.

Employment Opportunities

The Business Management Degree course provides training for the multi-disciplinary needs of a manager and thus prepares them to meet the new challenges of an increasingly international and global management.

Graduates from ISG – Business School are competent to carry out their functions in professions like:

  • Managers of companies and other organizations whether private or public
  • Directors in the area of finance
  • Directors in the commercial area
  • Directors in the area of Human Resources
  • Auditors, Consultants, State-recognised Auditors, State-recognized Accountants
  • Teachers in the area of higher education
  • Researchers
Last updated February 2018

About the School

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