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A bachelor's degree is a hallmark of higher education. It is given to those who dedicate three to seven years studying a specific program. A bachelor's degree can be earned in a variety of disciplines in the arts and sciences.

A Bachelor’s degree in e-Business is concerned with the use of computers and Internet in order to conduct business activities. The degree is concerned specifically with selling products or services, internet marketing or web pages for stores. Graduates will be able to find a job in any organization interested in Internet sales.

Switzerland (German: Schweiz, French: Suisse, Italian: Svizzera, Romansch: Svizra. Switzerland has some of the world renown universites like ETH in Zurich, EPFL in Lausanne, IHEID in Geneva, University of Lausanne or the University of St. Gallen. Keep in mind, it's much better to speak the local language, so if you can't speak either French, German or Italian, better go for a language course first.

Top Bachelor Programs in e-Business in Switzerland 2018

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Bachelor in Digital Business Management

Campus Full time 3 years February 2018 Switzerland Geneva

The Digital Business Management Bachelor Program focuses on how young entrepreneurs like you can design new strategies and create business models in order for companies or start-up to be successful in this digital world. Participants will develop the right digital mindset, master a set of digital tools and be able to create new business strategies to be applied immediately in companies or start-ups. [+]

Today, every business is a digital business

In every country, in every industry, traditional business models and processes are being transformed by the rise of new digital technologies, global markets and a new way of managing a business. Think about companies such as Uber, Netflix or Airbnb that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. They are all operating with new processes, new tools that require specific skills and flexible mindset. This program has been designed to prepare you for these new requirements.

Bachelor in Digital Business Innovation from CREA Genève on Vimeo.

Course Programme


The backbone of any major organisations or start-ups:

Business strategy Finance d’entreprise & comptabilité Operations Legal Global perspectives & Challenges Project management ... [-]