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Cyberjaya offers advanced studies in the fields of Engineering, Management, Information technology and Creative Multimedia. It has many reputed institutions such as the Multimedia University that educates overseas students from 80 different countries. It also has Cyberjaya University College of Medical sciences.

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Bachelor in Cinematic Arts

Multimedia University
Campus Full time 1 - 3 years January 2017 Malaysia Cyberjaya

Multimedia University’s degree programme, the Bachelor of Cinematic Arts (Honours), CAP, is an innovative programme that enables students to explore a range of cinematic arts forms as well as the social and industrial contexts in which they are produced and consumed. [+]

Bachelors in Film in Cyberjaya in Malaysia. Multimedia University’s degree programme, the Bachelor of Cinematic Arts (Honours), CAP, is an innovative programme that enables students to explore a range of cinematic arts forms as well as the social and industrial contexts in which they are produced and consumed. The FCM Cinematics Arts programme offers a unique Asian worldwide perspective, from the Malaysian, Korean, and other Asian film industries to the Hollywood cinema, students will have opportunities to explore their own ideas and interests, supported by academic staff who have experience film making themselves. The modules covered in the programme examines a wide range of past, recent and contemporary production for both big screen and small with heavy emphasis on technology and industry driven connections. CAP takes an innovative, comprehensive and flexible approach to the “script-to-screen” method of filmmaking where students begin their studies with the basics of ideation and storyboarding right up to producing their own works. Students of the programme will be equipped with key disciplines such as screenwriting, production management, cinematography, sound production, art direction, and much more to ensure that they evolve into creative filmmakers with the ability to work individually or in a team. The degree has been developed in collaboration with the University of Southern California (USC), one of the best film schools in the world that has renowned film producers such as Jeffrey Katzenberg, George Lucas,Sidney Poitier, Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis among its board of councilors. Together with USC, Multimedia University has developed course modules that are relevant to today’s exacting standards as well as shadows future trends in the field of cinematic arts; modules that merge the creative digital development process together with cinematic theories and principles The first batch of CAP students will commence their studies in June 2013 at the Multimedia University Cyberjaya campus. However, upon completion of the CAP building in 2014, the programme will run at MMU’s third campus in Educity, located in the flagship development of Iskandar, Johor. Its close proximity with Pinewoods Iskandar Malaysia Studios will offer a perfect environment for students to experience first-hand the world of film, TV and post-production on a large scale. This unique advantage will provide students an edge over similar programmes at various universities at home or abroad. The outcomes of the programme Students majoring in Cinematic Arts will be able to become: independent, innovative content designers, with the ability to identify problems and provide solutions in cinematic arts industries. leaders who will inspire others in the cinematic arts industries. technically competent designers with strong fundamental understanding and ability to adapt to any pre and post production workflow graduates with inquiring minds who are able to create competitive Intellectual Property to stimulate growth of the cinematic arts industry Learning Experience Over the course of their three (3) years study, students will be required to write or produce individual and group projects to ensure that they will have tangible proof their skills when they graduate. Key projects include producing a short film, writing a creative or critical work, or creating a reel or creative portfolio. CAP’s close proximity to Pinewood Studios Iskandar, among other studios in Malaysia, offers readily available internship opportunities for CAP students as a core programme component. This key advantage, compared to other existing film or television courses gives students a firsthand view of professional production processes. As a result, when they graduate from the Cinematic Arts programme, students will not only have cinematic arts development experience on their resumes but also professional contacts in the field. Subjects covered include: Writing & Producing, Acting & Directing, Videography & Cinematography, Pre & Post Production, Special Effects Design & Sound Design, Staging, Lighting, Set Design, Cinema History, Documentary, Experimental Film, etc. [-]