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Urban Planning

The growth of the world population inevitably leads to the growth of towns and cities all over the world and it is the job of urban planners to provide the world with sustainable solutions. Unfortunately, there is a lack of experts in this challenging field. Take a Bachelor in Urban Planning in Russia and be the one who makes a difference. A Bachelor degree in Urban Planning in Russia combines a number of different disciplines. You will get a solid background in demography, economics, sociology but also physics or graphic design. The main goal of the program is to balance the sustainable and innovative approaches to urban planning. You will be taught the art of critical thinking so as to ensure you will always have the environmental, economical, social and political dimension in mind. Apart from course work you will also be encouraged to do a practical internship in the field of urban planning. Take a Bachelor in Urban Planning in Russia and get a degree in this challenging field in a country where it all happens. Take a look at the list of universities below, find the one you like best and contact them already today!

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Bachelor in Architecture

Volgograd State Technical University
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Russia Volgograd

Architecture (07.00.00). As a part of this programme students graduate to work in the following fields: [+]

Best Bachelors in Urban Planning in Russia 2017. VSTU is the leading regional University, which ranks among the best institutions in the amount of qualified specialists of Volgograd region, the South of Russia and some foreign countries. University obtains a well-developed infrastructure, ensures high professional level and influences forming of social qualities of students for their successful integration in the international economy. According to the strategy of University there was founded a research and education industrial complex (cluster) focused on training of well-qualified specialists for high-tech sectors of economy. Transformations in the sphere of higher education of the Russian Federation were affected and realized in VSTU as a multilevel system of educational programs, modern forms of academic activity organization, quality control, adequate material and technical support. Favorable social environment has been created in a large team of employees and students. Most of them share cultural and ethical values, keep and develop tradition of polytechnic school. VSTU is committed to the principles of the Bologna Declaration. Architecture (07.00.00). As a part of this programme students graduate to work in the following fields: Architectural design; Architectural and structural design; Urban design; Urban environment design; Interior design; Entrance examinations In order to enter Bachelor’s Program, it is obligatory to provide: a document of previous education (original), nostrificated and legalized. Then an applicant undergoes the entrance examinations in the following subjects: Russian language; Mathematics; Physics/Chemistry/History/Social studies (depending on the chosen field of studies). Admission is held in accordance with the entrance examinations results. [-]