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Bachelors degrees are undergraduate degrees, which provide students with foundational knowledge and expertise in a certain academic field, from business to engineering, from law to health science, and from the arts to the natural sciences. Bachelors programs at universities and institutions of higher learning in Hawaii provide their graduates with the qualifications necessary to pursue rewarding work in their career path, or can be a basis for further study in a post-secondary degree program.

Bachelor programs in Hawaii typically last four years, although this can vary greatly depending on the school, academic program at study mode. In order to provide opportunities for a greater number of diverse students needs, universities and colleges in Hawaii may offer full-time or part-time study schedules. Coming as a given within any Bachelor's program at accredited universities in Hawaii is a high standard of academic excellence, qualified professors and dedication to fulfilling students' educational requirements. Additionally, schools in Hawaii welcome one of the highest rates of international students in the USA, with student populations coming from over 100 countries around the world.

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