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A country with many tourism attractions, Slovenia has seen many international students come to study for university education from across the world. Foreign students prefer this country since admission requirements and the application process is not as tiresome compared to many other countries. The country provides easy access for international students and thus the well cultured society has been the basis for many students to come and study here. There is need to have a residence permit for the country if you are a foreign student. The degrees available prepare students for a dynamic economic approach to the situation. Being a growing economy, Slovenia offers a wide range of career empowerment opportunities after graduation. There are many upcoming industries and research institutions as well as businesses and banks where most Bachelor in Slovenia graduates acquire practical field experience after graduation.

Before being admitted into the university, one has to produce a letter of completion according to the higher education regulations of Slovenia. A medical certificate is likely required for registration into bachelor degree programs in Slovenia. The common degree programs in the country are on management and administration. Foreign students also come to Slovenia to acquire bachelor education in banking, law and technology as well as business and arts. This is a perfect education system for international students from all over the world. The degrees are offered in both full-time and part-time modes for approximately 3 years.

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DOBA Business School

Are you entrepreneurial and have a vision that you would like to realize? Are you interested in modern business management and the importance of an innovative environment ... [+]

Bachelors in Slovenia 2019. Are you entrepreneurial and have a vision that you would like to realize? Are you interested in modern business management and the importance of an innovative environment? Can you multi-manage several tasks and have the natural ability to lead? If your answer is yes, the Business Management programme is the right choice for you. The strongest fields of the programme Innovation Management and leadership Cooperation with companies Entrepreneurial spirit Graduates and career As a graduate, you will be able to independently organize processes and assist with management. This graduate profile, with this type of knowledge and competencies, is always highly sought. As you will become more entrepreneurial and innovative, but will also have a wide range of knowledge, you will also be able to manage your own company. Enrolment requirements International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or European Baccalaureate Diploma High School diploma from an accredited institution Certificate confirming the knowledge of English (e.g. TOEFL: min score of 79 (IBT), IELTS: min score of 6 for English, Cambridge/Oxford: min B2 level) Associate, Bachelor or Master Degree Mandatory attachments ... [-]
Slovenia Maribor
October 2019
3 years
Online & Campus Combined