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A country with many tourism attractions, Slovenia has seen many international students come to study for university education from across the world. Foreign students prefer this country since admission requirements and the application process is not as tiresome compared to many other countries. The country provides easy access for international students and thus the well cultured society has been the basis for many students to come and study here. There is need to have a residence permit for the country if you are a foreign student. The degrees available prepare students for a dynamic economic approach to the situation. Being a growing economy, Slovenia offers a wide range of career empowerment opportunities after graduation. There are many upcoming industries and research institutions as well as businesses and banks where most Bachelor in Slovenia graduates acquire practical field experience after graduation.

Before being admitted into the university, one has to produce a letter of completion according to the higher education regulations of Slovenia. A medical certificate is likely required for registration into bachelor degree programs in Slovenia. The common degree programs in the country are on management and administration. Foreign students also come to Slovenia to acquire bachelor education in banking, law and technology as well as business and arts. This is a perfect education system for international students from all over the world. The degrees are offered in both full-time and part-time modes for approximately 3 years.

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Bachelor in Marketing

University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics
Campus Full time 3 years October 2018 Slovenia Ljubljana

Have you ever wondered why you choose a certain brand and not another? What kind of meaning does product packaging bear and why it is important where it is on a shelf? [+]

Have you ever wondered why you choose a certain brand and not another? What kind of meaning does product packaging bear and why it is important where it is on a shelf? Why are some ads more creative and who is behind them? What is a market research and why is it important? And yet – what does a positive image of some people in the eyes of others have to do with marketing? A lot. Study of marketing provides answers to these and other questions.

The programme is designed in a way that the theoretical knowledge acquired during studies integrates with practice (preparation of marketing projects and case studies, visiting guests from business etc.). The Marketing programme provides students with knowledge and skills from the field of marketing along with a spectrum of vital business functions and a basic understanding of the business environment. It is offered within the university degree – Business and Economics Sciences. After completing their studies, students have many career opportunities in marketing research, advertising, brand management, organizing events, public relations etc.... [-]

Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship

GEA College
Campus Full time 3 years October 2018 Slovenia Ljubljana

The programme offers all advanced knowledge necessary to manage one’s own company, family company with tradition and departments or projects in large systems. [+]

Program description

The study encourages entrepreneurial stance and progressive and creative thinking, as well as offers applicative knowledge in reaching successful business efforts in any field.

Developing entrepreneurial skills and mind-set.It is through the case studies and a lot of practice complementing the theoreticalpart that the students will gain the skills and knowledge to start theirown venture or add value to their already established small or medium sizedprivate or family enterprises. High efficiency and employability.Our graduates have the knowledge, courageand passion to succeed in their careers. The employment rate of the GEACollege graduates is above the Slovenian average. Renowned lecturers and professionals.You will be trained to think critically, communicate effectively and manage
new business in today’s globally competitive business environment.Lecturers and mentors in various fields with many years of business experiencewill guide you to reach your maximum. ... [-]