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Ireland lately implemented a law, which mandates all students attending university education to apply for government loans to allow them achieve their higher academic dreams. First official language is Irish, also known as Irish Gaelic, but English (the second official language) is more widely used. The national capital is Dublin. Ireland is famous for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day (17 March) all over the world.

Dublin, which is from Leinster province, is a modern center of educational institutions that are famous for quality education. This city has great cultural importance. It offers three major universities to education seekers: The University of Dublin, The National University of Ireland and Dublin City University.

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Bachelor (Hons) in Marketing

Independent College Dublin
Campus Full time September 2017 Ireland Dublin

The main objectives of this marketing degree is the provision of a comprehensive educational framework covering the requirements and operation of all aspects [+]

Bachelors in Sales in Dublin in Ireland. The main objectives of this marketing degree is the provision of a comprehensive educational framework covering the requirements and operation of all aspects of the marketing and sales functions in business organisations, and the major changes taking place in their theory and practice. The marketing function, in particular, has been the subject of significant change in recent years through various developments, for instance the growth of viral marketing, social networking and related developments. An important aim of this programme is to provide for students a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to enable them to become effective marketing professionals in this changing environment. The BA in Marketing seeks to inspire participants with a vision of the possibilities open to a business organisation through an informed understanding and effective implementation of the principles of up-to-date integrated marketing concepts and strategies, and the role of new technologies and innovative thinking in achieving these. Another important dimension of the degree in marketing is the internationalisation aspect. With growing internationalisation within business it is essential that best practice internationally is recognised and incorporated in an appropriate way into degree programmes such as this. Finally the importance of practice is fully recognised by the extent of our linkages with professional institutes and the corporate sector. This is a supported by the inclusion of a three month internship or placement component available to participants in stage three of the programme. The placement is not mandatory – students may opt instead for a substantial business research project. Who is the course for? The BA (Hons) in Marketing prepares students for a career as a marketing professional. The programme provides a comprehensive education in the analytical skills required in the business and in a range of marketing and sales practices. The role of the marketing professional is placed within the broader business context that is delivered through a range of business relevant modules. CAO Code IC007 Start Date September 2014 Awarding Body QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland, the new integrated agency replacing FETAC, HETAC, NQAI and incorporating the functions of IUQB). Syllabus Course Structure: The programme modules are delivered generally over two semester cycles. Stage 1 PROGRAMME MODULES - Credits - Business Law - 10 - Introduction to Financial Accounting - 10 - Economics - 10 - Introduction to ICT - 5 - Applied ICT for Marketing - 5 - Business Organisation and Management - 10 - Principles of Marketing - 10 - Total Credits - 60   Stage 2 PROGRAMME MODULES - Credits - Sales Management - 10 - Digital Marketing - 10 - Management Accounting - 10 - Business Information Management and Databases - 5 - Human Resource Management - 5 - Innovation Management - 10 - Market Research - 10 - Total Credits - 60   Stage 3 PROGRAMME MODULES - Credits - Services Marketing and Management - 10 - Integrated Marketing Communications - 10 - Contemporary Marketing Strategies - 10 - Business Strategy - 10 - Business Project - 10 - International Marketing - 10 - Total Credits - 60 What We Offer Stage 1 The Stage 1 Programme is designed to provide the foundations and “building blocks” for the entire programme. Business and environmental context is extremely important for all participants in a business degree programme, be it specialist or general. This stage provides that context with exposure to general management, marketing, and business law. The Principles of Marketing module in particular provides a strong foundation course in marketing, and provides context for a number of more specialised treatments later in the programme. In addition, the important areas of economics, business information systems, and financial accounting are included. Stage 2 The main characteristic of Stage 2 is that we move into the more specialised aspects of sales and marketing. Four of the six modules deal directly with themes of consuming interest and relevance to the marketing community. These look largely at operational issues, and digital marketing in particular deals with the transformation in marketing resulting from developments in information technology. In addition, the importance of creativity and innovation is reflected in the inclusion of a module on Innovation Management in this stage. A A strong Market Research module in Stage 2 has substantial educational and practical value, particularly as early preparation for the Business Projects in Stage 3, should students opt for this rather than the work placement. Stage 3 In this final stage, the other specialised areas of Services Marketing and Management, Integrated Marketing Communications and Marketing Management are dealt with. In addition, some general but extremely important business content is included in this stage. The Business Strategy course is intended to provide an integrative view of all of the business material covered in the programme, including, of course, the marketing material. The business project or placement provides an opportunity for either applied research through a substantial project, or alternatively, a three-month placement with a business corporation. The business project, if selected, is likely to involve case study research, external interviewing or sourcing of data in the professional environment, or other techniques covered in the Stage 2 Market Research module.. The presentation of the Business Project is designed to provide a firm and secure demonstration of the achievement of the required Honours degree academic standards. The placement option is likely to be attractive to many, and will involve the students spending approximately twelve weeks in a working environment with one of Independent College’s corporate partners. Requirements Applicants must hold a minimum of two Higher C3’s and four Ordinary Level D3’s (including Maths) or equivalent. Students under the age of 23 on January 1st of the year of entry must apply through the CAO. Applicants who are over 23 by January 1st of the year of entry are eligible for entry onto the programme as a mature student. [-]