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Public Relations

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Public relations refers to professionally maintaining the public image of an organization in a favorable way. Students may gain skills in this communication process that involves strategically building relationships that are mutually advantageous for organizations and the public.

Australia is an island country and continent of the southern hemisphere, in the SW Pacific, a member state of the Commonwealth.

Top Bachelor Programs in Public Relations in Australia 2017

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Carroll College (USA): Bachelor in International Relations

International Studies Abroad
Campus Full time September 2017 Australia Western Australia Wollongong Townsville Sydney Queensland + 3 more

Carroll’s International Relations program prepares you for an exciting international career. Students interested in this major are eligible for First Year in Spain at Carroll's portal campus in Sevilla, at a significant savings thanks to our innovative scholarships. [+]

Best Bachelors in Public Relations in Australia 2017. What to Expect Carroll’s International Relations program is designed to provide students with the undergraduate training necessary to pursue careers in international business, government, law, teaching, and other related fields. Through this interdisciplinary program students will encounter course work that leads them to understand the key terms and concepts in the major disciplines of international relations. Furthermore, students will recognize the important theories and methodologies in the field. Carroll international relations program will enhance students’ ability to think analytically and critically, helping them to identify problems and create effective solutions. Students in this major will be challenge academically and intellectually and upon graduation will be able to articulate effectively using both oral and written communication. Carroll’s international relations graduates will appreciate differing cultural perspectives and be skilled in a second language. Life After Graduation International Relations is one of the hottest fields for young people emerging into the job market. Now more than ever, the global economy and international peace remain critical to everyone’s life, and a degree in International Relations from Carroll College will usher you into a career where you can be involved with such vital issues as globalization, diplomacy, international conflict, and human rights. A degree in International Relations can lead to many careers in federal, state and local governments, law, business, international organizations, nonprofit organizations, journalism, and teaching. [-]

Bachelor of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Edith Cowan University
Campus Full time 3 years January 2018 Australia Perth

Provides students with the ability to critically analyse, evaluate and compile new communication strategies, to function as skilled communicators and to establish and manage media relations.

The [+]

Bachelor of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Provides students with the ability to critically analyse, evaluate and compile new communication strategies, to function as skilled communicators and to establish and manage media relations.

The combination of marketing, advertising and public relations enhances these abilities by allowing students to diversify their creative skills and strategic business management knowledge, as well as gaining the employability skills, including critical thinking, teamwork, communication and problem solving, needed for a successful career.

Marketing professionals are employed by organisations to develop and manage marketing and communication strategies, with advertising and public relations the cornerstone of business communications.

Advertising combines art, science, strategy and communications practice, and has potential applications far beyond employment in an advertising agency. It includes elements of production, marketing, public relations, visual arts, communications research and interactive multimedia to develop and showcase students' strengths.

Public Relations develops communication in a variety of contexts, researches the effectiveness of communication and plans the strategy behind communication campaigns.

The combination of disciplines gives students a competitive career advantage and access to a wide range of industries.... [-]