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By earning a Professional Bachelor, individuals can have access to better employment opportunities, the possibility of a higher salary, and the ability to pursue an advanced degree in the future. Graduates with a professional bachelor’s degree leave their school as well-rounded individuals who are ready to tackle the problems around them in any facet.

What is a Professional Bachelor in Humanities? This three- to five-year degree program offers a career-focused education in a certain field of study, allowing graduates to gain valuable work experience while also increasing their knowledge and expertise in the classroom. With a Professional Bachelor in Humanities, students acquire the analytical and critical thinking skills needed in today’s demanding and diverse world. Students receive courses in a variety of disciplines that will enable them to become life-long learners that are prepared for the workplace or a graduate degree.

Earning a professional bachelor’s degree in humanities prepares graduates by providing them with the necessary writing, reasoning, and logical skills needed in the workplace, and it can give students an advantage as they look for employment in a competitive job market.

The cost of pursuing this degree can vary depending on the academic institution and the specific program offered by the school. Interested students should do their research so that they are well informed about tuition costs and fees they will accrue while receiving their professional degree.

Because of the diverse disciplines covered in their education, graduates with a Professional Bachelor in Humanities can find employment in many different vocational industries. Jobs in human resources, public relations, journalism, social work, and tourism are all possible careers for individuals with this degree. Other graduates choose careers in business, technology, or government settings. Many students also decide to continue their education and pursue a graduate degree in a chosen field of study.

If you are interested in earning your Professional Bachelor in Humanities online, there are many options available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor Honors Program

Eastern Kentucky University
Campus Full time 4 years September 2018 USA Richmond

Incoming freshmen may satisfy all but 3 hours of their general education and University requirements by completing the 34-hour Honors Core, a track that requires six fewer hours for students who are not in the Honors Program [+]

Bachelors in Professional Humanities. Degree Options Honors Core Curriculum – Incoming freshmen may satisfy all but 3 hours of their general education and University requirements by completing the 34-hour Honors Core, a track that requires six fewer hours for students who are not in the Honors Program. Honors Flex Curriculum – Students who have AP, IB, or dual enrollment credits that fulfill part of their general education requirements may elect to complete 25 hours of honors coursework in the areas for which they have not received credit. Transfer Current Students Flex Curriculum – Students may complete 18 hours of honors coursework with a curriculum tailored to meet their individual needs Who Would be Interested in the Honors Program? Students who are seeking challenging and inspiring courses in an intimate classroom environment with a maximum of 20 students. Students with a strong academic background who show potential for excellence in college coursework. Students who want to be a part of a caring and engaging honors community. Students who are looking to engage in exciting and unique extracurricular activities such as traveling to and presenting at honors conferences nationwide, participating in community service projects, and attending other social and cultural events. Why the Honors Program? There are many benefits to EKU Honors, including: Stimulating interdisciplinary courses unlike any other on campus, taught by teams of faculty who are passionate about what they do. Free textbooks for eight semesters with our Books on Loan Award. Priority registration so students get the classes they... [-]