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A Bachelor's degree is a degree awarded by universities and colleges. In order to earn a bachelor's degree, you must complete the necessary courses that may last three to seven years depending on your institution of enrollment.

Physics studies are designed for those who want to explore the universe’s various fundamental aspects, such as energy, velocity and electricity. Students can learn about how the universe works through studying laws, experimentation and observation.

Belarus, officially the Republic of Belarus, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest.

Top Bachelor Programs in Physics in Belarus 2019

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Гомельский государственный университет имени Франциска Скорины

The specialist is: to work in science - research and development - design institutions, industrial enterprises in the initial posts, ... [+]

Major: Physical Electronics

Specialties: Medical electronics

Duration of training: 4 years full-time education

The specialist is: to work in science - research and development institutions, aboutyshlennyh enterprises in primary positions provided for the replacement of specialists with higher education standard range of positions.

Practice Areas:

physical processes and phenomena that govern the technology and manufacturing equipment and devices in all areas of modern electronics, microelectronics and nanoelectronics; study of the physicalPrinciple of electronic devices and systems with a view to improving them, as well as the creation of new generations of devices on a fundamentally new physical basis; experimental study of the properties of matter and physical phenomena to directional changeseniya physical properties of different media and patterns of various processes, and the creation of materials with new properties, and the foundations of new technologies to address pressing problems of Radio Electronics; development of mathematical models and prorammnyh tools to describe and analyze physical phenomena and processes, upgrading electronic devices, systems and technology, management and operation of the physical processes of devices, automatic design; assessment of the possible use of technology incal sciences and in modern production of new and already known physical laws. ... [-]
Belarus Gomel
September 2019
4 - 5 years