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Natural sciences programs can allow students to explore occurrences in nature through observation, prediction and experiments. Various topics may be touched upon, and students may specialize in areas such as biology, ecology, astronomy, physics, chemistry and Earth science.

Top Bachelor Programs in Natural Sciences in Finland 2019

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Other options within this field of study:
Centria University of Applied Sciences

The degree programme in Environmental Chemistry and Technology provides the student with a wide knowledge in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. You will get a holistic v ... [+]

Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering Length & duration: 4 years, 240 credits, full-time studies Specialisation option of studies: Environmental Chemitry and Technology; New and Traditional Fuel Production Campus: Talonpojankatu 2, Kokkola

"It is a part of good life and you’ll find it in everything you see, experience or feel around and within yourself. Chemistry connects. Chemistry is a natural science that develops all the time and connects different fields and people. Chemistry is the most creative field on earth. How will we meet the demand of food, natural resources and energy for the growing population on earth? Clean water, renewable fuel and pharmaceuticals are chemistry".

Chemical Industry Federation ... [-]
Finland Kokkola
January 2020
4 years