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Located in the French-Italian border, the small country of Monaco has lived to a great name since early 13th century. The country is very accessible from both Italy and France. One can easily come to the great country with approximately 32,000 occupants where cleanliness is maintained even to the streets and crime rate is very minimal. Students from all over the world can come and enjoy quality education in Monaco. The country demands legal residence and thus calls for one to have all the relevant travel documents. This is a country rich of culture and tradition. Monaco is a French speaking region and thus one might be expected to take some classes to either familiarize or improve on his or her French skills. Travel guides are available for all international students are available to help have an easy time in Monaco.

A typical undergraduate degree in Monaco takes between 3 and 4 years of learning depending on the mode of studies. International students have an opportunity to enroll for either full-time or part-time degree programs in Monaco. There are many career opportunities upon graduation in the middle-level economy. The common bachelor degrees available include Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management, Bachelor in Business administration and Bachelor in Science of Business Administration. The education system in Monaco is highly welcoming to international students from all over the world.

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International University of Monaco

I.U.M. Bachelor’s program in Communication and Entertainment Management (BECOM) offers students dual expertise from both the I.U.M. Business School and Sup de Pub. ... [+]

Bachelor in Communication & Entertainment Management

3-year program Combined theoretical and practical approach Possibility to study at one of our partner Universities in Americas, Asia or Europe All courses are offered in English Unparalleled student diversity, 50+ nationalities Dual degree: IUM's Bachelor in Communication & Entertainment Management and Sup de Pub's SPCOM Bachelor

Why a Bachelor's degree in Communication & Entertainment Management at IUM?

IUM Bachelor’s program in Communication and Entertainment Management (BECOM) offers students dual expertise from both the IUM Business School and Sup de Pub, a renowned advertising partner school. This undergraduate program gives practical courses in communication and entertainment management, and a deep understanding of how these areas function.... [-]

Monaco Monaco-Ville
September 2019
3 years