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As a scientific area of study, microbiology is concerned with the study of bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and viruses. Studying microbiology will help one in understanding how microbes develop from their initial stages at the cellular level until their complex statuses. The study will also seek to explore the interaction of such microbes with other higher organisms. BSc Microbiology is an undergraduate degree program that is designed to ensure students have hands-on exposure to such microbes. The course has been structured to cover various aspects of these microbes with a keen attention on how they causes illness, how they help in spreading infections, and also on how to treat and prevent such diseases amongst population that have been caused by the microbes.

BSc Microbiology degree program is anchored on the broad discipline that is meant for the biology of the above microbes. The course has become popular in the recent days since the understanding of the wide functions of the microbes in causing diseases and even at their molecular level. The course will explore other positive aspects of bacteria and other microbes. The degree equips students with both the knowledge and skills to become qualified professionals in solving certain human disorders. This is through the cloning of eukaryotic genes. BSc Microbiology is a research-oriented degree course that mainly focuses on the pathogenic capacity of the organisms. The skills and professional knowledge acquired is highly marketable and applied throughout the world.

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