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The University of Luxembourg is currently the only university in Luxembourg, and offers a number of Bachelor programs in most notable academic fields, including the natural and social sciences, engineering, technology, business, humanities, arts and law. Bachelor students in Luxembourg will benefit from the university's extensive collaborative ties with other institutions all over the world: in Europe, the Americas and Asia. A relatively small and selective school, the University of Luxembourg hosts about 5,000 students from at least 95 countries. Bachelor courses are usually held in a combination of two languages of the three that are most common in Luxembourg: French, German and English.

Key areas of research, which professors in Luxembourg take special interest in, include International Finance, Luxembourg studies, European Governance, Systems Biomedicine, Information Technology, Education, Environmental resources, technologies and changes, Mathematics and others. Depending on their area of study, students may attend lectures, seminars, labs, libraries or other academic facilities at Campus Limpertsberg, Campus Kirchberg or Campus Walferdange.

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