Bachelor Degrees in Israel

Find Top Bachelor Programs in Israel 2018/2019


Israel ranks third in the world for the number of higher education degrees per capita, at twenty percent of the population. Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are ranked among the world's top 100 universities according to the Times Higher Education. Bachelor students in Israel can choose from a number of programs in the liberal arts, natural sciences, social sciences, engineering and more. Universities in Israel emphasize the importance of learning theoretical and practical fundamentals, then applying them in specialized problem-solving tasks in order to prepare students for employment or further education in their field.

Admission into universities in Israel is based on the applicant's academic and professional record, with special attention paid to relevant performance relating to the subject. For students from non-English speaking countries, proof of proficient language skills may be required. Bachelor programs last for three years in Israel, after which students will be awarded their degree. Some prerequisite courses may be required in certain study tracks, especially in math and science related subjects.

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