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International Relations

A bachelor is a popular undergraduate program that helps prepare students for a career in their field of study. Most programs combine general liberal arts subjects with specific courses in a student’s major.

What is a Bachelor in International Relations in Poland? This program is designed for students who want to learn about the world and have an influence on the political and social realities of international affairs. Students who choose to pursue this degree will learn about many different subjects depending on the specific program. Topics may include contemporary politics, history, business, media, and economics in an international context. Throughout their course of study, students will gain useful business skills and insight about international economic developments and policy decisions.

Students who pursue an international relations degree benefit in that they gain strong analytical skills that will help them find jobs that require critical thinking, diagnostic, and investigative capabilities. Students will learn a lot about different cultures and will have the opportunity to work in organizations all over the world.

The costs associated with earning a degree in Poland will vary depending on a number of factors. These include what country the prospective student is from, the length of the program, and the specific school. Students are encouraged to reach out to the schools directly to find out what financial obligations will be required.

Individuals with a degree in international relations can pursue a number of careers. Graduates may choose to enter into diplomacy, although this is a competitive area. Government agencies in different countries and the United Nations in New York are popular hiring entities. Those who want to work in the private sector can find careers in international business and private research groups.

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Bachelor in International Relations - Global Studies

University of Wroclaw
Campus Full time 3 years October 2019 Poland Wrocław

The program of specialty Global Studies in International Relations is unique in Poland and one of only a few such a programs in Europe. It is directed to all foreign and Polish candidates who would like to understand the mechanisms of globalization, the dependences between the local and global events and phenomena. [+]

The program of Global Studies specialty in International Relations is directed to all international and Polish prospective students who would like to understand the mechanisms of globalization and dependencies between the local and global events and phenomena.

General description

The main assumption of global studies is to concentrate on the globalization as the main research and teaching subject. It does not analyze globalization from the point of view of the national state. Instead, global studies put globalization in the center and study it as a complex and autonomous process which imposes the specified and similar conditions to all national and international actors. Global Studies are hardly defined by the assumptions and methods of any of contemporary sciences. Instead, they have a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary character, as they join diverse theoretical approaches of the economy, international relations, political sciences, anthropology, sociology, area studies, cultural and ethnic studies, but also some elements natural sciences such as the earth and life sciences or physics.... [-]