Bachelor Programs in International Relations 2020/2021 in Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan

A bachelor’s degree is a four-year undergraduate degree and is the standard for higher education throughout most of the world. Bachelor’s degrees can be earned at state universities, at private universities, at community colleges and via online universities.

Like political science, the study of international relations deals with the connections between the governmental and non-governmental entities of the world. However, such studies are typically in the context of complex sociopolitical issues such as foreign interventionism and terrorism.


The Republic of Kazakhstan is a country is Central Asia. It is the largest landlocked country. The education system is universal and compulsory. It is divided into 3 phases, namely: primary (forms 1-4), basic general (forms 5-9), and senior level education (forms 10- 11 or 12).

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Bachelor in Political Science and International Relations

Nazarbayev University
4 years

The degree program in Political Science and International relations (PSIR) offers a flexible and applied degree that is designed to train the next generation of political scie ...

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