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International Business

A bachelor's degree is given to students who fulfill the necessary requirements given by the college or university they are attending. The requirements include three to seven years of focus on a subject, typically referred to as a major or concentration.

A Bachelor’s degree in International Business will introduce students to varying subjects that are concerned with businesses in an international environment. These include management, foreign culture and languages. Graduates will be able to assume responsibility in different positions of companies that have an international presence.

Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a Nordic country situated in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe.

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Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business

Centria University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 7 semesters January 2017 Finland Pietarsaari

The Degree Programme in International Business focuses on entrepreneurship, sales and marketing in an international context. Students may decide to follow a business orientated programme or choose to specialize in the field of Fur Design and Marketing. [+]

Bachelors in International Business in Pietarsaari in Finland. Qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration Specialisation options of studies: business, fur design & marketing Length and duration: 3,5 years, 210 credits, part-time studies Campus: Campus Allegro, Pietarsaari Student selection: Entrance examination for all the eligible applicants. Student selection either based on entrance examination or entrance examination and school performance. This degree in International Business allows you to gain the skills needed to launch your own business and manage it in a successful way; you can learn how to become a marketing expert within an international context! This programme offers you two paths: you can decide to focus either on purely international business, or then focus on Fur Design & Marketing. You will be guided throughout the programme by top experts, competent and passionate lecturers, teachers and visiting speakers from the working life. Centria also has a wide network of the guest lecturers from other universities. The studies at Centria - the International Business path After graduation from the degree programme in International Business, you have good knowledge about business administration, international business and marketing. You will also have a chance to study languages and acquire therefor valuable communication skills. Classes in intercultural communication will allow to have better insight on how to do business in an international setting. During the first year of studies in international business you will learn the basics of business administration. You will also develop your language and your communication skills. In your second year, you will develop your knowledge in doing business within an international context. The third year will enhance your knowledge on international business, and through the thesis, you can decide to focus on a specific area of expertise. As part of the classes, you will often be working in small team on projects and homework; you will even have the chance to work on some “real life” cases offered by the local business life. Through these, you will gain valuable experience and team-working skills. - the Fur Design and Marketing path This path offers the chance to learn how to handle fur and understanding the raw material to designing and making products in fur and leather, all in all – the whole process. Our aim is to let you explore the versatility, usability and applicability of fur. Centria has an extensive support of the fur farmers of the region, fur trade in Finland, professional and international visitors who have worked with us to construct this unique programme. The first year of studies offers an introduction to to the world of fur and leather. Fur can be anything you want it to be. You can study the following modules: Accessories, Home Decoration & Design and Visual Identity. The second year you will become a master of this fabric, through investigation, exploration, researching and recording. You can pick study modules such as: Pattern making, Design Project and Promotion & Marketing. The third year is about mastering this fabric with skills. You will be practicing the systematic process of designing and manufacturing a collection. Also you will be presenting your own theme and research to support the collection. The goal of this project is to introduce the final product into the market, followed by an exhibition and show open to a real public. Through both paths you will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Collaboration and Location The programme is taught in the new Campus Allegro. A few other institutions are located within the same campus, which offers many good possibilities for fruitful collaboration in terms of studies and projects, for instance with the art students from Novia University of Applied Sciences. At the moment we are involved in a project called “Campus Allegro School of Entrepreneurships” which gives good opportunities for cooperation with other students. The university also has close ties to the local business life, which offers good opportunities to students focusing either on international business or fur design. Your future You can work with general tasks related to international business or more specific marketing tasks, as well as with tasks related to logistics, or why not tasks that have to do with event management or tourism! You can be a marketing assistant, export assistant, sales manager or an entrepreneur. Your practically oriented Bachelor’s degree will help you build your future career in the area that you choose. We are cooperating with the other educations at Campus Allegro in the center of Jakobstad, fairs. Occupational titles: Project Manager, Team Leader, Marketing assistant, Sales assistant, Import/Export assistant, Entrepreneur, Purchaser, Assistant at fairs, exhibitions and events, and specialists within the Fur Industry Occupational titles: Project Manager, Team Leader, Marketing assistant, Sales assistant, Import/Export assistant, Entrepreneur, Purchaser, Assistant at fairs, exhibitions and events, and specialists within the Fur Industry Tuition fees: The autumn 2016 intake is the last chance for students from outside of the European economic area (EAA) to study in Finland without tuition fees. By applying in September 2016 and starting your studies at Centria in January 2017, no students will have to pay any tuition for their studies at Centria. For their visa application, students must provide proof for their own living costs, travel expenses and other costs during their studies. The cost of living in Finland is on average comparable to the rest of Europe. Basically, for expenses such as rent, food and personal costs, you will need approximately 560 Euros per month, that is 12 x 560 = 6 720 Euros for one year. Centria UAS does not provide any financial help for students. [-]