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International Business

Bachelor degrees from accredited colleges and universities can be important stepping-stones toward a successful career.The most common type of undergraduate program is a bachelor's degree, usually awarded after four years of successful study

Graduates of the Bachelor in International Business will be able to assume responsibility in different positions of companies that have an international presence. The degree will introduce students to different topics that are found within businesses in international environments. These include foreign culture, management and languages.

Ministry of education often oversees the education in Bulgaria. The students who pursue higher education in the university often get a certain percentage of the government sponsorship to enable them successfully complete their studies.

Varna is a home to thousands of researchers and students. They are mostly enrolled to the high-class learning institutions found here. You want to study Economics or Science related courses, this city offers an ideal platform to enhance your education.

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Bachelor in International Business

University of Economics - Varna
Campus Full time 4 years October 2017 Bulgaria Varna

The bachelor in International business is a premier qualification, taught in English and designed to provide a broad introduction to international business, economics and management. [+]

Bachelor International Business


Starting in the academic 2012/13 year, the University of Economics - Varna offers a new four-year bachelor's degree program in International Business taught in English. The program is open to Bulgarian and foreign students who wish to acquire economic knowledge and practical skills in the area of international business.

Graduates in the International Business programme can find employment in the management of companies involved in various forms of International business such as foreign trade, international banking, finance, international transport, logistics, international tourism, etc.

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