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Insurance is a financial product that allows businesses and individuals an alternative to amassing large amounts of capital in the service of reducing risks and mitigating potential losses. Common topics in these programs are actuarial sciences, claims processing and business mathematics.

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Other options within this field of study:

The Banks sector, Financial Institutions and Insurance constantly recruits. ... [+]

Bachelors in Insurance in Europe 2019. TRAINING, OBJECTIVES Approach and decrypt the fundamentals of the European Union Ability to work in an intercultural environment Understand the principles of European taxation, EU legislation on Insurance, the European banking rules Knowing the French financial market Learn the basics of wealth advice: legal framework for heritage protection, modes of acquisition, management and transfer of assets, taxation, management of property assets Learning to conduct a business negotiation, provide quality service and retain a demanding clientele. A JOB Account Manager individuals / professionals in the Banking & Insurance Wealth manager Heritage Financial Adviser and / or Estate Responsible for business customers Welfare / Health A JOB ... [-]
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1 year
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management

Studies on "Finance, Accounting and Insurance" to educate a professional profile of qualifications in finance, accounting and insurance. This knowledge is to be of a gene ... [+]

Bachelor in Finance, Accounting and Insurance Studies on "Finance, Accounting and Insurance" to educate a professional profile of qualifications in finance, accounting and insurance. This knowledge is to be of a general nature, firmly rooted in contemporary theories of the functioning of financial markets, accounting and its international standards. At the same time, they achieved qualification, consisting of acquired learning outcomes are the basis for not only the activity of a test, but also provide the opportunity to actively participate in economic practice. Without efforts on education in this area it is difficult to imagine the rational behavior of economic agents in the era of globalization, integration and computerization. These processes require because on the one hand understanding of financial flows and their standardization, and other ways to hedge against possible economic perturbations. Polish companies to become international competition must have managers and employees who are able to optimally combine various solutions in the field of monitoring costs, and risk management. Profile of education, including issues of accounting, finance and insurance, firmly fixed on the basis of quantitative subjects, law and economics enables interdisciplinary graduate preparing to undertake professional activities. The proposed direction is also compatible with the standards adopted by the Education Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and how the best schools in the western world - both American and European. At the same time, the selected directional effects are consistent with the requirements of candidates for auditors and certified accountants.... [-]

Poland Warsaw
October 2019
3 years