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Information Technology

A bachelor's degree is given to students who fulfill the necessary requirements given by the college or university they are attending. The requirements include three to seven years of focus on a subject, typically referred to as a major or concentration.

A Bachelor’s degree in IT is focused in different information technology applications. These vary from networks, computer infrastructure or website design. Students will be taught to integrate IT solutions to different problems they might come across in their career. Graduates will usually manage and create business applications, systems and software or websites.

Russia (Russian: Россия) is by far the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area. The former State Committee for Higher Education in Russia financed 240 universities, academies and institutes, making Russia a solid country to study in.

Samara city is located on the southeastern part of European Russia. It has a history that dates back to 14th century. Samara city is the industrial hub in the Volga region. It has 26 colleges and 13 commercial institutions of higher education.

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Bachelor in Control in Technical Systems

Samara State Technical University
Campus Full time 4 years September 2018 Russia Samara

The main objective of this degree is to prepare students for their future career in the sphere of IT support in a wide range of industries. Throughout the course students will obtain knowledge about both hardware and software of the modern computational systems. Moreover, our unique feature is a complex education; therefore we also offer modules in humanities and social sciences. [+]

Control in Technical Systems

About school/organization:

The Automation and Information Technology Faculty was founded in 1959. We were the first in Samara to train specialists in automation, measurement and computer sciences. Now we train bachelors, masters and engineers in the most significant areas. Our alumni work as managers and leading specialists at various enterprises that create and operate information systems and technologies maintaining research and development, banking operations, traffic and telecommunication networks, as well as ecological monitoring.

About the University (history, modern improvements, school mission, awards/accreditations)

Established in 1914, Samara State Technical University is committed to the purity of science, research and innovation. Our Aim is to facilitate market needs in the areas which we specialize with students equipped with directly applicable skills. And we can honestly say that university alumni successfully put into practice acquired knowledge.... [-]