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Earning a bachelor's degree is achieved by completing the necessary course of study offered by the college or university you enroll in. Completing this study may take three to seven years depending on where you seek your degree.

Graduates of a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology will usually manage and create business applications, systems and software or websites. This is because students will be taught to .integrate IT solutions to different problems in varying environments. The degree is focused in different information technology applications. These vary from networks, computer infrastructure or website design.

Belarus offers the best university education especially from the enhanced lecturer-student relationship. This system of education has not only attracted the country’s students but also international students. The country has 15 universities with university of Belarus as the top university in the country.

Top Bachelor Programs in IT in Belarus 2017

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Bachelor Of Mathematics And Computer Science

Yanka Kupala State University Of Grodno
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Belarus Grodno

Specialties: Software Information Technology, Mathematics (scientific and pedagogical activity), Computer Security, Information Resources Management, Applied Mathematics (research and production activities), Information Systems and Technologies (in the economy) [+]

Best Bachelors in IT in Belarus 2017. Occupation: Software Information Technology The Qualification Software Engineer Specialization Web technologies and software systems, mobile Duration of training Full-time - 4 years Language of instruction Russian English Main professional competences, which will have a graduate possess modern technology domain analysis and the development of functional and non-functional requirements to create systems and software program at the professional level, taking into account the resources and capabilities of a particular PC, the requirements of the standards, the project constraints use automated software development tools manage the processes of software life cycle own information security issues possess computer methods of data collection, storage and processing of information in the field of their professional activities own methods of efficient operation of the software administer computer systems and networks configure computer systems and networks for specific tasks of a certain number of users perform quality assessment software The possibility of continuing education Master: 1-08 80 02 "Theory and a training and education (Informatics)" 1-31 80 09 "Applied Mathematics and Informatics" 1-40 80 03 "Computers and systems" Postgraduate: 05.13.18. Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs Speciality: Mathematics (scientific and pedagogical activity) The Qualification Mathematician. Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher Specializations Differential equations Theory of functions Duration of training Full-time - 4 years Language of instruction Russian English Main professional competences, which will have a graduate engage in analytical and research activities in the field of mathematics use and development of modern information technology and management automation conduct... [-]