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Earning a bachelor's degree is achieved by completing the necessary course of study offered by the college or university you enroll in. Completing this study may take three to seven years depending on where you seek your degree.

A Bachelor in Human Resources has the purpose of developing students’ skills that are related to recruitment, interviewing and the training of employees. Graduates will be able to motivate and train staff, develop healthy and efficient working environments and create new policies.

Ireland is an island to the north-west of continental Europe. It is the third-largest island in Europe and the twentieth-largest island on Earth. To its east is the larger island of Great Britain, from which it is separated by the Irish Sea.

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Bachelor (Hons) in Business Studies

Independent College Dublin
Campus Full time Part time 2 semesters September 2017 Ireland Dublin + 1 more

The BABS suite of programmes equips students with critical thinking skills and contemporary action-centred education on key business functions and the range of core [+]

Best Bachelors in Human Resources in Ireland 2017. The BABS suite of programmes equips students with critical thinking skills and contemporary action-centred education on key business functions and the range of core skills which are required in order to succeed in the demanding and ever-changing world of business. The programme is structured in a way which provides each student with the opportunity to study for a specialist Honours degree in Business Studies. Three specialist pathway award options are offered for the completion of the Honours Business Degree. These pathway study options are: - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies – (specialising in Marketing) - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies – (specialising in Accounting and Finance) - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies – (specialising in Management and HR) Importantly each student has the opportunity to emphasise their choice of study as they progress from the first to the second and to the third year of studies with this business studies degree. Individuals therefore have great flexibility in their choice of business studies subjects and in planning the development of their own individual undergraduate business education. As they progress through the programme each student is able to make informed decisions about their growing personal areas of business interest and business expertise and is able to match these to their selection of business studies subjects and to their professional career intentions. Additional pathways of specialist study are being regularly added to the programme framework in order to meet the future needs of different types of business organisations and the particular career needs of our students. Introduction We have designed our Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Studies programme to provide each student with a comprehensive business education which is relevant to the present and future needs of the ever changing business environment. With this in mind our programme focuses on providing each student with a firm understanding and knowledge of contemporary business theories, ideas, concepts, problems, practices and functions which will enable them to lay the foundations for their professional career in the business world or for their future academic career at post graduate level. To achieve these aims, great emphasis is placed in our teaching: - On the importance of meeting the needs of individual students, - On directly supporting each student’s own learning requirements and developing their business knowledge, - On developing each student’s ability to study those areas of business which they wish to develop into a career. The key aspects, skills, creative thinking, critical questioning, problem identification, problem solving, and operational functions of business studies are therefore taught within a highly supportive and enjoyable teaching environment in which students are:- - Taught in small classes - Have individual tutorial support from named tutors - Are able to share the knowledge which is brought to our teaching by experienced professional business people - Are able to benefit from the extensive international teaching experience, expertise and excellence of academic tutors who have taught in Ireland, Europe, the United States, Canada, Britain and the Far East. Programme Delivery Pattern The programme is delivered in two semesters in each year. Each semester is normally of twelve weeks duration. Assessment requirements may be required outside of these twelve week teaching periods. Full time registered students are normally expected to attend in day-time delivery times. Part time students are normally required to attend for evening delivery for approximately three evenings each week. Part time students are also required to attend Saturday tutorials or seminars at specified times during the year and may also be required to attend specified vacation workshops. Part time students may also arrange their attendance pattern with the Faculty and are welcome to attend during the daytime delivery of the full time programme where this facilitates access to the programme teaching. Awarding Body QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland, the new integrated agency replacing FETAC, HETAC, NQAI and incorporating the functions of IUQB). Level: 8. CAO Code IC004 Course Start Date September 2014 Syllabus THE FIRST YEAR OF STUDY First Year – The Common Core Programme All first year students study a common core modular programme. The teaching in the two semesters of the first year provides students with a comprehensive introduction to business studies and is designed to enable each student to have the understanding and knowledge necessary to operate effectively in all modern business environments. The first year common core programme subjects and module titles are indicated below. Stage 1 Core Subjects: - Accounting and Finance - Economics - Business Law - Data Analysis and Statistics - Marketing - Management - HRM - Business Communications and ICT - Corporate Culture SECOND YEAR OF STUDY Stage 2 Core Subjects - Strategic HRM - Supply and Value Chain Management - Knowledge Management - Management Accounting - Business Research Methods - Financial Accounting - Corporate Finance - Strategic Marketing Management - Market Research - Organisational Behaviour - Applied Economics - Contemporary Issues in Management THIRD YEAR OF STUDY In addition to Common Core Modules final year students also agree with their tutors the specialist subjects that they wish to study for their degree. These are studied in the final year Stage 3 Core Subjects - Business Policy - Change Management - Business Project Accounting Stream: - Taxation - Financial Reporting - Audit & Assurance Marketing Stream: - Services Marketing - Brand Management - Direct Marketing Management/HR Stream: - Operations Management - Managing HR & IT Entrepreneurship Assessment Details Assessment is based on a balance of continuous assessment(s) and an end of module examination. Continuous assessment typically requires the student to submit one or two essay type assignments. The mark for assignments contributes to the end of module final mark. Assignments constitute a specific proportion of the module marks and this is typically 50% in the first year but may increase in years two and three of the programme. Each module is assessed at the end of the semester in which the module is studied. This is to ensure that the learning which has been experienced is fresh in the mind of the student and that if re-sits are required these may be adequately supported and prepared for by the student. Written feedback is provided to students on their performance in assessments, and tutorial guidance is available to support academic performance. Re-sit opportunities may be scheduled at the end of the academic year or following the first semester in each year of the programme, depending upon individual circumstances and Faculty policy. What We Offer Choice of Study The BA (Hons) Business Studies programme allows each student to develop their business study areas of interest and expertise as they develop their business knowledge at each stage of the course. Each student receives regular and detailed academic tutorial guidance on each of the subjects which they choose to study as they progress through the course: Students receive particular advice on: - Their choice of subjects - Preparation for a future career - The development of particular areas of interest and business expertise - Individual academic performance and development Learning about Business Studies and Business Careers The teaching team understands that students who are choosing to study Business Studies programmes are often unsure as to which business subjects and career areas they intend to develop until they are experiencing a degree level programme. We also know that the skills and expertise required for an individual to be successful and to gain employment in the modern business environment and in the professional world can be highly challenging and that students gain a detailed understanding of these during the time which is spent studying on an undergraduate course. The design of the BA (Hons) Business Studies programme therefore ensures that each student is taught: - the core business skills and knowledge needed to establish a career pathway - specialist areas of business studies which ensure that students are able to be flexible and competitive in the employment market or in their application to enter post graduate study. - business subjects which are able to be carefully matched to the future needs and future requirements of each student as they successfully progress through each year of the course. Teaching and Learning Our teaching and learning focuses upon: - Delivering a sound and firm foundation in business studies subjects to all of our students - The individual educational development and professional career aspirations of each student - Providing teaching excellence and academic support which meets the needs of each individual undergraduate - Providing students with the ability to make an informed and knowledgeable choice in the development of their general or specialist business skills Conference Weeks The excellence of our academic teaching team and their professional business experience is supported by a regular series of Conference Weeks which are included in our teaching year. In the first week of the second semester each year, all students attend a Conference Week which is comprised of a series of teaching presentations which are delivered by nationally and internationally recognised business professionals, writers, teachers from other institutions, designers, journalists and others who have a commitment to the education of our students and their career development. The themes of our Conference weeks are related to the teaching which takes place in the remainder of the semester. Students are able to make valuable contacts with professionals for career development, research and project development purposes. Visiting lecturers There is a regular programme of nationally and internationally recognised visiting lecturers and specialist visits are organised to local, regional and international businesses and organisations. Class Sizes, Lectures and Tutorials Students are taught in small classes and each student is supported throughout the course by a named academic tutor. Academic tutors meet with students on a regular timetabled basis and provide individual academic support and advice. The main content of the programme is taught through lectures and each lecture includes time for questions and answers to ensure that students are able to provide feedback on the lecture, ask questions, and confirm their understanding of the points raised. Lectures are supported by individual and group tutorials and seminar based group discussions. These provide opportunity for more detailed discussion and for individual guidance and support to be given on academic programme content. In the third year of study each student is allocated a tutor who provides guidance on the planning, undertaking and completion of their Dissertation. The Dissertation is undertaken by each student as an individual research project which is able to be related to their career intensions, a business case study, or a theoretical study. In the third year students also undertake a student team project which includes a full Business Enterprise simulation. This also may be related to the developing business expertise of each student and is designed to provide them with the experience of working together in a business environment solving real-life business problems. Teaching and Learning and Information Technology Support – Moodle, Information Technology and Library Facilities The teaching and learning which takes place in formal formal classes is supported by an interactive information technology based Moodle platform offering comprehensive support for students. The programme facilities include first class and extensive availability of computing labs/workshops and first class library collections, and access to library and IT support. Employment opportunities Employment opportunities for our B.A. (Hons) Business studies graduates are excellent as our programme provides a general business education as well as an opportunity to develop specialist expertise. Graduates may choose from a wide range of careers in the public and private sectors both Nationally and Internationally. Graduates from our B.A. (Hons) will be fully equipped to pursue a wide range of taught and research postgraduate programmes. Requirements Applicants must hold a minimum of 2 Higher C3s and 4 Ordinary Level D3s (to include Maths) or equivalent. Students under the age of 23 on January 1 of the year of entry must apply through the CAO for IC004 Bachelor of Arts (Business Studies) All other applications should be made directly to the Admissions office. Mature Student Applicants who are over 23 years of age by January 1st of the year of entry are eligible for entry onto the programme as mature students. [-]

Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management (Hons)

Institute of Technology Carlow
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Ireland Carlow

This full-time four year Honours Degree course provides an academic qualification for anyone interested in a career in Human Resource Management or in general business and management. [+]


What is the Honours Degree in Human Resource Management about?

This full-time four year Honours Degree course provides an academic qualification for anyone interested in a career in Human Resource Management or in general business and management. Whilst providing a specialism in Human Resource Management, it also provides the student with a broad skill-base that will ensure that the graduate has a wide range of potential job opportunities. The first two years provide the student with the basics in core business subjects that form a foundation for the remaining two years. After two years, students continue their studies specialising in Human Resource Management, or may transfer to other degrees such as Management, Marketing. Supply Chain Management and International Business all available within the School of Business and Humanities.... [-]