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Many people fell in love with animated features when they were children and carried that love throughout their adult lives. Today, animation has found many new venues, including video games, educational systems, and self-published movies. Some would like to turn their love of animation into a career. A bachelor’s degree in animation gives those people an edge in the competitive animation industry.

What is a Bachelor in Animation? This degree generally covers both classical and computer based animation techniques.  It teaches students to give “the illusion of life” through courses in storytelling, presentation, and character development. Courses cover drawing and composition, key framing, and computer motion capture.

Most animation projects are on a short schedule and a tight budget. Project managers want animators who can come into a project and hit the ground running. A Bachelor in Animation demonstrates that a potential employee has put in the time to learn his or her craft, and is well familiar with the industry standard methods and tools. In addition, many graduates find that a solid educational grounding frees them to concentrate on their artistic expression.

Costs for this program vary widely by institution. Students can expect to pay tuition and lab fees. Remote students will need a laptop and high-speed Internet connection. The animation program generally lasts three to five years.

Many graduates work for a major studio. New hires often specialize in one aspect of animation. For traditional animation projects, the newcomers often complete the in-between frames until they became experienced enough to design the characters and produce the key frames themselves. Computer animators often specialize in either character creation (mesh generation), animation rigging, key frame animation, motion capture, texturing, or post production. Other graduates work for media or advertising firms in a variety of assignments. Smaller firms often allow employees to become a jack-of-all-trades in the animation pipeline. 

Animation students can find a number of institutions all over the world. Those in remote locations can often complete their education online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Degree In Audiovisual Communication

Universidade da Coruña
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Spain A Coruña

The Degree in Audiovisual Communication provides the university education of an area of ​​scientific and academic knowledge and a field of professional exercise consolidated and widely extended. [+]

Bachelors in Animation. Introduction The Degree in Audiovisual Communication Provides the university education of an area of ​​scientific and academic knowledge and a field of professional exercise consolidated and widely extended. Among its objectives is to train professionals specialized and technically prepared for audiovisual creation in digital environments, for television, the internet and any other multimedia. That is why new media and the creation of 3D content (animation, video games, special effects) are fundamental pillars in the orientation of the program of studies. The balanced acquisition of the set of knowledge and skills of the degree will guarantee the graduate in Audiovisual Communication an adequate preparation for his later working life. Why study the degree From the webdocumental to the animated short film through the transmedia and video games, the Faculty of Communication Sciences trains its students for directing, producing and producing in audiovisual media, scriptwriters, production designers, interactive and multimedia content, Animators, special effects specialists and video game developers, among others. What is learned Within the formation of the degree there are subjects such as graphic expression, photography and lighting, applied design, editing and editing, audiovisual production, realization, script, production design, audio or musical and sound environment. This degree adds the Design and Animation module that differentiates the curriculum of the student respecting the other degrees of communication offered in Galicia, which results in a qualitative advantage over others in a world as competitive as the current one. Within this module are subjects such as infography and 3D animation,... [-]