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Finance is defined as the management of large amount of money, especially by governments or companies. Yet, Bachelor of Finance graduates will find an even more extensive range of potential employment options within their career field; many financial analysts, business controllers, cost accountants, planning and control managers, mortgage and loan advisers, stock market analysts, insurance consultants and investment analysts come from Bachelor of Finance backgrounds.

With universities and colleges in Amsterdam, Breda, Enschede, Haarlem, Hertogenbosch, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Wittenborg and the Hague, Bachelor of Finance students in the Netherlands have plenty of choices. Bachelor of Finance programs in the Netherlands typically last three to four years. The key goals of programs at internationally accredited schools like Avans University of Applied Sciences, Arnhem Business School or Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are to develop theoretical understanding through case studies as well as practical problem-solving skills through team and individual projects.

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Bachelor in Finance & Control (international)

Avans University of Applied Sciences - Undergraduate programs
Campus Full time 4 years September 2018 Netherlands Breda Hertogenbosch Tilburg + 2 more

Finance & Control (international) teaches you to organise, implement and monitor the financial activities of international organisations [+]

Bachelor inĀ Finance & Control (international)

Finance & Control teaches you to organise, implement and monitor the financial activities of international organisations.

Your employer produces bikes and wants to set up a production facility in Taiwan. It's your task to calculate future revenue streams, production costs and the net present value of the project.

Or your company wants to take over one of its competitors and it's your task to research the balance sheet to determine the value of this company.

As an international controller, you know all about planning and monitoring money flows in an international work environment.


You have numeracy skills. You like to work with figures. You also have good social skills, and you speak and write English fluently. You have a businesslike mentality, and you look beyond borders.... [-]