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A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree typically completed in three to five years. After achieving a bachelor’s degree, a graduate may be ready to enter a career field. Completion of undergraduate coursework is often a requirement for professional advancement within a current career as well. Some students may opt to pursue higher education goals upon graduation.

Many students want to know, what is a Bachelor in Family Business? This degree program is designed to help individuals develop the understanding necessary to successfully manage a business owned and operated by a family. Classes typically teach topics such as ownership control, succession and strategic relationships. Students discover ways to attain common goals, address conflicts and create plans for the company’s future.

A student may enroll in a business program for several reasons. Skills learned often provide the strategies to help a small company become viable in a larger market and survive in a more competitive environment.

It is difficult to predict the cost of a family business degree. Variations between programs and the person’s desired focus will affect the expenditures necessary to complete the major. Every institution has its own registration expenses, fee schedule and tuition. For this reason, it is critical that a prospective student researches the options carefully.

Many who enter a family business major already have a company to work for upon graduation or a current position in the organization. However, this is far from the norm. In fact, many large corporations began as small family-run businesses and are interested in hiring qualified individuals to develop local branches or concerns in a way that continues the company’s original business model.

Local and international educational opportunities are often available. When an individual is limited by geography or schedule, online courses often provide the flexibility necessary to achieve a degree. If you are interested in advancing your career, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara

The Bachelor's program in Administration and Management is a professional program designed to improve society, generating resources and wealth through corporate governanc ... [+]

The Bachelor's program in Administration and Management is a professional program designed to improve society, generating resources and wealth through corporate governance and management, or through Family Business Management. The program aims to foster entrepreneurship, preparing future business leaders with the particular humanistic and business formation which characterizes Universidad Panamericana.


The ideal candidate is interested in developing as a manager and maximizing their strategic vision and their technical capacity through management and organizational development.

Business focus to choose from:


Are you interested in learning about the different factors involved in efficient business management? Would you like to learn the correct tools for delegating responsibility? Are you looking for quality managerial development? Are you interested in developing knowledge and skills in management, corporate governance, and strategy? ... [-]
Mexico Guadalajara
July 2019