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A bachelor's degree is an undergraduate degree that is offered by universities and colleges when students complete a program of study. Most bachelor courses last three or four years with some lasting up to seven years.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship will be able to define their own job or to work for diverse business organizations. This is because the degree has the purpose of providing students the knowledge to create their own company and products. And it does this by teaching the required skills such as marketing, finance, accounting or the basics of business management.

The United States of America is a large country in North America, often referred to as the "USA", the "US", the "United States", "America", or simply "the States". American colleges are funded by "tuition" charged to the student, which is often quite expensive, very commonly reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars per year.

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Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Green River College
Campus Full time 2 - 4 years September 2017 USA Auburn

Green River's BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship provides: <ul> <li>Practical opportunities working with area industry on real projects.</li> <li>The skills and opportunity to create a launch-ready business of your own.</li> <li>Development of high demand skills and abilities.</li> </ul> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> [+]

Bachelors in Entrepreneurship in Auburn in USA. Elevate Your Professional Skills - Advance Your Career - Build Your Business Build the skills you need for an exciting career in Marketing or to start a high-growth business of your own. Green River's BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship provides: Practical opportunities working with area industry on real projects. The skills and opportunity to create a launch-ready business of your own. Development of high demand skills and abilities. What will I learn in this program? Through project-based learning, you will gain valuable skills needed to succeed as a marketing professional or entrepreneur. You will learn about: Market Research, Product Management, Business Development, Product Development, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Business Planning, Entrepreneurial Finance, Integrated Promotions High-demand jobs, excellent pay, and exciting opportunities Marketing positions in King County requiring a Bachelors degree are in high demand and pay an average of $85,000 per year and up. Marketing positions requiring a bachelors degree are high-growth and high-demand nationwide. (see: US Deptartment of Labor for Marketing Managers and Analysts, ONET Online Report for Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists. 49% of senior hiring managers reported difficulty finding qualified candidates for marketing-related positions when surveyed. The Workforce Development Council of King County Pipeline study showed an annual shortage of 377 candidates for Market Research Analyst positions requiring a Bachelors degrees (page 43, occupation 36). Entrepreneurs are needed and the start-up culture is highly valued in our economy. As a BAS student you will have the opportunity to build a launch-ready business and present your idea to business leaders and investors. According to the Kauffman Foundation, "Nearly all net job creation since 1980 has occurred in firms less than five years old." Convenient class times at a convenient location Core courses are offered mainly in hybrid format (combination of on-line and in-class), with evening class sessions at Green River’s Kent Campus. Our Program Manager, Program Director, and Small Business Development Center are all housed at the Kent Campus to provide a seamless experience for our programs students. A few of your non-core classes might be offered at the Auburn campus or on-line, but with careful planning you could take all of your courses at the Kent Campus. Annual Tuition and Fees Comparison for non-residents Green River - BAS Degree $18,111.15 Western Washington University $20,406.75                      

 Evergreen State College $21,738.00 Washington State University $24,478.00 University of Washington $33,513.00   Meet the Team Tim Broxholm Program Director and Faculty Tim Broxholm’s mission is simple: to educate, engage, and inspire students to attain academic, personal, and professional excellence. As a former HR Director and current executive coach, facilitator, and business strategy consultant Tim utilizes his expertise and his network to help students develop the necessary competencies and connections to excel in their career. He also provides students with one-on-one career and professional development coaching to ensure students are well prepared to attain their career goals upon completing the program. In addition to his work at Green River, Tim is also the Vice President of Client Solutions and Lead Practitioner for Fired-Up! Culture, a Puyallup based coaching and consulting firm. Tim is also a contributor and consultant for several of the nation’s top textbook publishers. Tim’s main areas of interest are: Business Model Development and Organizational Strategy Sales and Negotiations Consumer Behavior Organizational Development Leadership Development Tim holds a Masters of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University and a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing and Management from The University of Portland. He is currently working on an executive certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Stanford University. Green River - A leader in university transfer Our 2+2 transfer program offers students an opportunity to start their four-year bachelor's degree. The transfer program provides courses equivalent to the first two years of a university degree. Students can take two years at Green River College, then transfer to a university to complete their four-year degree. Education Requirements In order to obtain a bachelor's degree in the US, all students must complete specific requirements for their major as well as general education requirements which represent a foundation of learning in various areas including Math, Writing, Science, Social Science and Humanities. Students are given freedom to select classes of their choice from general categories. For example, within the "Social Science" category, students can choose any one of the following subjects: sociology, psychology, political science, history, geography and others. The Humanities category includes: art, speech, communications, languages, music, philosophy, and others. Science includes: chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and others. Green River knows how important housing is to the success of a student. This is why our housing staff go the extra mile to give the best experience possible by providing a caring, positive, safe and supportive American living experience. CAMPUS CORNER APARTMENTS Experience traditional American college life at Campus Corner Apartments (CCA) Students enjoy a convenient, on-campus location; comfortable, high quality facilities; an excellent study environment; and an opportunity to get involved and make friends in supportive student community of 340 American and international students. Students must be 17 years old at time of move-in.  Benefits of Living On Campus: Living on campus is convenient! Walking distance to class, library, fitness center, gym and Performing Arts Center Community Center where you can meet and make friends from all over the world Lots of on-site student activities Private and group study areas Easy to get involved in campus activities [-]