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Denmark is a popular choice for higher education for students from around the world. In Denmark, students benefit from excellent academic programs, a diverse student community, a high standard of living, and many social and cultural activities to take part in, making for a well-rounded educational experience. A Bachelor in Education in Denmark is a top choice for many students who are seeking to become teachers.

In Denmark, a Bachelor of Education program usually takes four years of full-time study to complete. Students will learn a variety of teaching theories, modalities, issues in policy, as well as take part in a supervised internship in order to gain practice and apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom. Students taking a Bachelor in Education in Denmark will be prepared for teaching in a variety of settings, such as primary or secondary education, special education, or language instruction, to name a few.

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Alternative Pedagogy Bachelor

DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College
Campus Full time 3 years Open Enrollment Denmark Holstebro

DNS is a 3-year international bachelor programme that offers a teacher’s education. We combine theoretical knowledge with experiences and emphasise a learning-by-doing approach. Our aim is to train progressive teachers who can respond to the challenges of our time across social divisions wherever it is needed – and that is everywhere. [+]

Best Bachelors in Education in Denmark 2017. DNS College has no headmaster and is governed by the students. Important decisions are taken in consensus – we never vote. We provide opportunity for individuals to find the unique model of the teacher they want to become and provide students with tools to accomplish the most ambitious goals. Practice is our key source of knowledge. Through travels, cultural explorations and constant work with society – we develop our pedagogical tools and fulfill “teachers’ luggage”. We work in teams, side by side with teachers – avoiding traditional hierarchy. DNS is education for activists, pedagogues, teachers, altruists, humanitarians and those who want to change the future of the world by any means. Want to join us? Have a look at our 3-year program and hurry to apply! 1st YEAR - THE INTERNATIONAL PRACTICE FIELD EXPERIENCING AND UNDERSTANDING THE GLOBAL REALITY Period 1 2 months GETTING READY Preparation for a 4-month bus travel. Studies about politics, big issues of our time and training in efficient team work. Period 2 4 months ON THE ROAD Bus travel through Europe, North Africa and the Sahara Desert and further to Sub-Saharan Africa. Investigating topics related to political, economic, social or cultural aspects of the countries. Establishing authentic understanding of Global Reality. Period 3 3 months BRINGING IT TO THE PUBLIC Spreading the new knowledge to people in Europe, giving lessons and workshops for determined public. Studying subjects relevant for the activities within the period. Period 4 3 months... [-]

Bachelor in Education

University College South Denmark
Campus Full time 8 semesters September 2017 Denmark Haderslev

You will be authorized as a teacher for primary and lower secondary levels in three subjects. You will receive high quality theoretical instruction, and... [+]

Bachelor in Education


You will be authorized as a teacher for primary and lower secondary levels in three subjects. You will receive high quality theoretical instruction, and you will have 24 weeks of supervised school experience during your studies.The first year the language of instruction is English or German, according to your choice. You will be integrated in a class of Danish students wanting to become teachers of English or German as a foreign language. Alongside you will receive intensive training in the Danish language. If you live in or move to Denmark, this course is free.From the second year and onwards you will follow the usual syllabus in Danish. If your first subject is German you may choose either mathematics or science or English as your second subject. In the last year you are free to choose your third subject among a wide range of possibilities, e.g. art, music, biology, special needs, home economics or sports. The academic year runs from Mid-August to December (autumn semester) and from Mid-January to Mid-May (spring semester). Exams take place in June.... [-]