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International Economics

Earning a bachelor's degree is achieved by completing the necessary course of study offered by the college or university you enroll in. Completing this study may take three to seven years depending on where you seek your degree.

BA in International Economics focuses on the aspects of doing trade and marketing on international perspective with keen focus on the financial economics that drive the international markets.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom and Britain, is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe.The two most famous (and oldest) universities are Oxford and Cambridge (often referred to as Oxbridge by many Britons) England also has several other world-class institutions, including several in London (notably Imperial College, the London School of Economics, University College London and King's College London, all are part of London University)

Nottingham is known for the legend of Robin Hood, two large theatres and many museums and galleries. It’s also home to two universities that have over 60 thousand students, 12 thousand of whom are international.

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BA/BSc Economics and International Economics

The University of Nottingham - Faculty of Social Sciences
Campus Full time 3 years September 2017 United Kingdom Nottingham

Covering international trade and financial economics, this course offers you the opportunity to graduate with either a BA or a BSc qualification according to your module choice. [+]

Bachelors in International Economics in Nottingham in United Kingdom. BA/BSc Economics and International Economics This course is particularly well-suited to those who wish to study international trade and international aspects of financial economics. It will provide you with core training in economics, combined with a special focus on a range of aspects of international economics, including international trade, development and monetary economics, in which the school has a worldwide reputation. Modules in international economics form a significant element of this course, but there is also ample opportunity to take modules offered by other schools in the University. As with the BA/BSc Economics degree, there are two quantitative pathways through the degree: econometrics or quantitative economics. This course is available as either a BA/BSc; the choice is yours and is determined by the modules you select in years two and three. As a graduate, you will have a thorough knowledge of economic theory and how it is applied to the real world, particularly in relation to international trade, monetary economics and globalisation. You will also be familiar with the key analytical techniques that economists use in practice. Year one In your first year, you will study the core of our BA/BSc Economics course with additional modules in the economics of integration, focusing on the key principles and the largest customs union in the world: the EU. If you have A level maths, you may choose either econometrics or quantitative economics and will take a year-long module in Writing Economics to ensure... [-]