Bachelor's Degree in Economic Studies in Finland

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Economic Studies

Professionals who have studied economics and administration comprehend both the larger economic picture and smaller, individualized trends. It is an interdisciplinary field in which specialists are trained to consider and analyze many components in both the public and private section and make recommendations based on current and potential conditions.


Top Bachelor Programs in Economic Studies in Finland 2019

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Bachelor’s Programme in Economics

Aalto University
Campus Full time 3 - 5 years August 2019 Finland Espoo

New Bachelor’s Programme in Economics gives you the tools to understand and change the world. [+]

Study objectives

What is the most efficient way to fight climate change? How do international trade and migration affect global inequality? What is the best way to promote innovation? How can we design institutions that provide resilience against shocks such as financial crises? At Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Economics, you will learn to systematically address questions like these – and many others.

Economics is a social science building on rigorous theoretical models and careful data analysis. You will study formal modelling, empirical methods and institutions at the leading centre for economic research in Finland. Our professors are internationally renowned scholars, who have worked in some of the best universities around the world and have extensive experience in advising governments, private companies and non-governmental organisations. The programme also includes studies in mathematics and programming at the Aalto University School of Science.... [-]