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A bachelor's degree is awarded at the successful completion of an undergraduate academic program. It is often the first degree a student received in his or her academic career. It typically takes four years of full-time study to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Design studies is an essential background for clothing designers, landscapers, urban planners, and product researchers. Coursework helps enable students to professionally apply their learning to new areas of design, such as wearable technology.

The Middle East is the birthplace of several current major religions and influential empires from millennia past. Scholars and graduates get the benefit of immersing themselves in these cultures and gaining a deeper understanding of one of the world’s most vibrant regions.

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Bachelor of Design

Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI)
Campus 4 years August 2018 United Arab Emirates Dubai

The ground-breaking (BDes) program offers students a unique opportunity to participate in cross disciplinary coursework across all four years of the degree. [+]

The ground-breaking (BDes) program offers students a unique opportunity to participate in cross-disciplinary coursework across all four years of the degree. Based on the studio concept of learning by doing, the coursework focuses on visual literacy and technological fluency. Students are given the freedom to design their own degree by choosing their cross-disciplinary program, by combining a choice of two concentrations from a total of four: Product Design, Strategic Design Management, Multimedia Design and Fashion Design. Students work across two disciplines the entirety of their educational journey, culminating with their final thesis.

The degree program is based on visualization, creative problem solving, design-thinking, and fabrication with sustainability and cross-disciplinary work embedded throughout. Project-based methodology through core studio classes are firmly grounded in design and problem solving, and the concept that we can design a better future – design as a means of change, not just to create the next aesthetically pleasing object. Students learn how to ideate, iterate and conceive, to analyze, represent and communicate, as well as to form, craft and create empathic and sustainable solutions to today’s problems.... [-]