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Bachelor degrees from accredited colleges and universities can be important stepping-stones toward a successful career.The most common type of undergraduate program is a bachelor's degree, usually awarded after four years of successful study

Spain (Spanish: España) is a diverse country sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is considered an exotic country in Europe due to its friendly inhabitants and relaxed lifestyle. The normal duration for University courses in Spain is 4 years, except Medicine and the double degrees, which are 6. Madrid and Barcelona are well known cities around world for its cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and world-famous folklore and festivities.

Madrid City is the capital of Spain. It is a metropolitan area with over 3 million residents. It has an arena called Las Ventas that hosts the annual bullfighting event. The city has many public and private universities.

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Official Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid
Campus Full time 4 years October 2017 Spain Madrid

The Official Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design trains students to be creative professionals with the technical and innovative knowledge to develop successful projects for the current market. During the last two years of the program, students will be trained in a future profession, specializing in the area of their choice, with a methodology that is specific to that profession. [+]

Bachelors in Graphic Design in Madrid in Spain. The Official Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design trains students to be creative professionals with the technical and innovative knowledge to develop successful projects for the current market. During the last two years of the program, students will be trained in a future profession, specializing in the area of their choice, with a methodology that is specific to that profession. Upon successfully completing the program, students will receive an official degree. Graphics: Students acquire a solid technical and humanistic foundation, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of the graphic design and leading projects of visual analysis and identity, typographic design, packaging and signage, and editorial production, for printed and digital media. Visual communication is one of the pillars of our culture and its knowledge one of the essential tools to understand the current reality and to plan the future. The Official Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design equivalent to a University Degree trains, along four years, professionals able to conceives new forms of communication, to reinvent the role of the image in our society and to work in an efficient and innovative way with the values and ideas of the collaborating companies and institutions. The first two years of the Official Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design students are introduced to the theoretical and practical foundation and the visual communication. During the third and fourth year, students choose to specialize in the following fields: - Official Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design, Communication, equivalent to a University Degree: Students acquire a solid technical and humanistic foundation that allows them to understand in depth the discipline of the graphic design and to lead projects of analysis and visual identity, typographic design, packaging, signage and editorial production for printed and digital media. - Official Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design, Interaction, equivalent to a University Degree: Students acquire a solid theoretical and humanistic foundation that allows them to understand in depth the graphic design and the distinctive features of the digital and interactive medium, the construction of interfaces, the applications for new platforms and immersive environments and to design from small applications to large interactive installations. Remember that to study an Official Undergraduate Degree in Design it is not necessary to pass the University Entrance Exam (PAU), but only our admission tests. This program has been recognized by the Autonomous Government of Madrid and the Spanish National Government as an official Degree in Graphic Design. COURSE LANGUAGE: SPANISH [-]

Official Degree In Multimedia And Graphic Design

ESNE - Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Inovación y Tecnología
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Spain Madrid

The main purpose of ESNE is to provide graphic designers of tomorrow higher education to be able to develop complex projects such as branding, web design, audiovisual production, publishing projects or product packaging among others. [+]

The main purpose of ESNE is to provide graphic designers of tomorrow higher education to be able to develop complex projects such as branding, web design, audiovisual production, publishing projects or product packaging among others. The Graphic Designer and Multimedia is a linchpin between a brand or company and its target audience or potential client. The design is a great engine of the economy, and an essential part in the production and cultural development of a country. Any company or organization, regardless of their activity, graphic design needs for growth and international expansion. The market demand versatile designers able to face any challenge and provide appropriate solutions for every occasion. Increasingly, with graphic design projects involve the use of a larger battery means, techniques and media. In this regard it is especially interesting that students can respond to a briefing managing knowledge from different areas such as Photography, Art Direction, Web, Motion Graphic, etc. This type of work that the student will get metacreativo develop a concept and be able to translate this into different communication actions. The existence of different training routes and the breadth and specificity of the subjects taught allow to develop working methods that favor the student receives a solid education content, preparing to work in any of the areas of multimedia design and visual communication. Degree of Multimedia and Graphic Design It is structured in five major areas of knowledge that stimulate and develop the following capabilities: Think, analyze, investigate and create. Graphic creation, as well as related disciplines including illustration and photography. The realization and creation of video, 2D, 3D animation and postproduction advertising. Web design and Apps. Advertising, both will com in the creative area of art direction. In this sense, our students start their higher studies in design from a methodological perspective that broadens the horizons of knowledge, not only in subjects such as history of design, marketing or audiovisual communication, but puts in place mechanisms of creative development capable to adapt to the needs of all types of customers and sectors, both traditional and cutting edge. Study the Official College Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design in ESNE is to start a career in the complex and wide world of graphic, audiovisual and web design. Classes are held at our school in the center of Madrid. Competencies Course 1 General competencies: Students will learn to understand the specific nature and qualities of media and materials artistic, technical and digital drawing. It will demonstrate the creative use of drawing techniques and processes (artistic, technical and digital). It will develop an understanding of visual language and evaluate and adapt the graphic for further development Specific Skills: The student will investigate and make specific use of different print media in the own work and others. It takes a number of competent studies that demonstrate the use of various means of traditional and modern graphic expression. It will feature a series of concepts, subjects, techniques and materials through a series of jobs that must demonstrate originality and innovation. It will apply this knowledge in the creation of formal elements to provoke a personal / emotional response. 2nd Course General competencies: Students will learn to use a range of techniques and creative idea generation. Originate complex ideas and develop graphic communication objectives. graphically express ideas using techniques, sketches and sketches effectively. Analyze cultural contexts and graphic ideas communicated. Adapt complex ideas to suit a variety of design applications. Working with a team effectively in the generation and development of ideas. And planning and designing presentations and communications ideas effectively. Specific Skills: The student must demonstrate that he understands the visual and creative techniques, and uses them to generate their own ideas. It must be able to produce original ideas to meet specific goals graphic communication and produce complex ideas surrounding multiple influences. The student must be able to use tools with confidence, expressing visual ideas with clarity, simplicity and economy. Present ideas on sketches and maps of ideas professionally. Analyze how specific cultural contexts impact on the graphic ideas and how they operate in a particular cultural context. The student must independently and imaginatively interpret design briefs to find the intentions of graphics and complex communication objectives and interpret these briefs to meet complex graphic communication tasks effectively and imaginatively. You must adapt the ideas to cover a wide variety of applications. Act effectively as a member of a creative team. Clarify and fulfill the scope and objectives of complex tasks. Generate and develop a wide variety of ideas. Select appropriate presentation formats pair wings ideas and goals public and preparing ideas for imaginatively presented in a professional standard. 3rd Course General competencies: Students will learn to analyze advertising and media understanding the factors that influence the choice and scheduling of advertising media. It will analyze and investigate a series of advertising media and the properties of a range of complex advertising products. You will use software applications effectively and creatively to present a series of graphic works way. You will need access, manage and work with images, create and manipulate with advanced techniques. It will prove an effective understanding of the concept of animation in 2D and 3D. Identify which software is most appropriate in each particular situation. Specific Skills: The student will scan and manipulate an effective and creative format file. You know translate an idea from initial conception through the preparatory drawings for graphic designs and make use of tools, filters and effects on production of original graphics. It will use editing software efficiently and creatively. It will develop the animation by using appropriate techniques. 4th course General competencies: There will be developed a specific learning basic design processes as a method of creating and manufacturing, application elements in Multimedia and Graphic Design. You can apply methods for the preparation of complete projects; will have acquired legal knowledge to enable it in the future carry out an activity within the regulatory framework, and finally, you can develop the required program for Project Multimedia and Graphic Design, where conceptual, formal and technical aspects work, developing specific documentation necessary. Specific Skills: Students will learn to explain and analyze the process of creating multimedia applications and 3D design. To develop a way of orderly work with solution strategies and organization in developing such complex work. It will be integrated into a process, analysis and development of visual content for Web, based on points such as: design, usability and coding in languages ​​appropriate for it. He placed the student within the legal framework of possible action as a designer. And it will be guided in staff development plan your own business. International University within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), participates in the Lifelong Learning Programme - Erasmus (Lifelong Learning Programme - Erasmus). Within this program they have signed agreements with the best European universities. The credit recognition procedure is governed by the rules of the program, and is based on academic signing agreements linking three parts: the two institutions involved and the student. Credit recognition is automatic, as all participants in the program institutions use ECTS as an academic reference. Erasmus is the action to higher education Socrates II program. It aims to improve the quality and strengthen the European dimension of higher education by encouraging transnational cooperation between universities, promoting European mobility and improving the transparency and full academic recognition of studies and qualifications throughout the Union. It includes a variety of activities: Exchanges of students and teachers. Joint Curriculum Development (Curriculum Development). International Intensive programs. Thematic networks between departments and faculties across Europe. Language Courses (EILC). European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Training and career Professional outings Companies of any kind, in any sector and, more specifically, design studios, in any of its areas: corporate image, product, digital content, publishing, packaging, etc. Branding designer Web designer Environments Applications for Tablets and Smartphones Packaging Designer Creative Advertising Graphic Designer and 2D and 3D modeler Graphic Designer Textiles & Stamping Photographer Digital artist Art director Motion Graphics Expert illustrator Departments and Marketing Consultant Webmaster Interactive developer Professional practices The curriculum of the University Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design includes 15 credits of professional practice scheduled in the third year. Some of the companies with which there are agreements practices: 12 Penguins Cartoons SL 24 Hours Fabulous SL 2BTUBE STUDIOS SL SOLUTION 4ONE SPAIN SL ABACO STUDIES CENTER Abalia CONSULTING SL ABC ARCHITECTS ACUTE CREATIVE WORKSHOP SL ADAMS VALBUENA EDITIONS SA (Centre) ALARES HUMAN SERVICES ALFREDO GREGORI ENGUIX ALLIANZ Global Assistance (AGA INTERNATIONAL) ALVARO MENDOZA PRODUCTIONS EUROGROUP AMARANTO MVA 8 (EVERIS MOBILE SL) ACTION ART EDITIONS CITIES ASSOCIATION Kyosei WOMEN ASSOCIATION FOR DIALOGUE AND EDUCATION BAUD BRANDING SL Bestours SA BETTER AN APP SL Bizpills SL BITTACORA COMPUTERS AND DESIGN SL BME (BOLSA DE MADRID) CINEUROPA AISBL CIRCLE OF CREATORS CIRCLE OF FINE ARTS CITYLIFE GROUP SL COCINOBRA SL COLLEGE OF LOYOLA SAN IGNACIO G DESIGN AND COMMUNICATION COMMAND CONSULTACLICK (Innovase HEALTHCARE CAPITAL) Posts and Telegraphs SA CORTEFIEL MODERN CREATIONS SL (LAB MATIC) CYCLE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DADACOMPANY Dadu STUDIO SL DEBUT FILMS PRODUCTIONS SL Delamata DESIGN DIARIO CORDOBA SA DIGITAL HUB FLASH4U (VERDEMAGENTA) DIGITAL BLOOD SL ONLINE DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT SL TPG DIGITAL 83 SL DIGITAL VIRGO DIMAD DOMESTIKA INTERACTIVE SL DREAM TECHNOLOGY SM EDITIONS EDITORIAL Ecoprensa SA (elEconomista) EDITORIAL EXTREMADURA EDUARDO MARTINEZ SANCHEZ (THE THIRD DAY) GLOBAL EFFECT WALKER ART THERAPY CENTER OF ANDALUSIA The third day and Pink Flamingo Studios ESDIP SCHOOL OF ART SL ESEDIGITAL SL 21 RELEASES STUDY OSCAR MARINÉ PORUDCTS EXPORT FROM SPAIN (LOVES WINE) EYEWORKS TV FASHION FACTOR (CRAZY CAPELLI) SPORT FACTOR SOLUTIONS SL FARMAOPCIÓN Fashionisima PRESS SL Fik Commerce Solutions SL (Fik Stores) FOCUS TELECOM (LUBERT GROUP) FORMATELIA Forsale Media, SL FRINGESCT SL FULLSIX SL DEVELOPMENT AND ASSISTANCE FOUNDATION ARTS FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL FUND (FIART) FUTURE architecture SL FUTUREBRAND SA GELITAS TEXTILE SL GLOBAL ALLIANCE ENERGY SL solutions.Johnson GLOBOMEDIA MOBILE GOWEX ideup GRAFFITI SORIA SL GRIJALBA GRAPHIC STUDIO GROW COMMUNICATION SA ADV group GROUP FLASHBACK SPAIN GyJ SLS EDITIONS Hansen & Partner HEY AVENUE COMMUNICATION HIBOOBOO SL HOBB DESIGN SC HELLO, WHY HUGO SERRA ANDUEZA IDEAL EDUCATION GROUP Idealia, communication and marketing IDIS SL IEMPRESA SUCCESFUL EBS SL IKEA ILION ANIMATION STUDIOS ILLUSORIUM INCENTIVE PROMOTIONS AND EVENTS SL INDIAN WEBS INDICZEN OPTICAL TECHNOLOGIES INSIEMEIT PHOTOGRAPHIC MOMENTS IMAGE BETA SL PRINTING GRAPHIC ARTS INARI Learning & Technology INK APACHE INNOVA SCHOOL IPSUM PLANET (NEO2) CORPORATE IZO SPAIN JET MULTIMEDIA SA JUST DIAMONDS SPAIN, SL KERUNET KETCHUM SA KETEKELO King-eClient SL KNAUF GMBH BRANCH SPAIN Kull SERVICES INFROMÁTICOS LOCO TIME SL (Lavand) LOGIXELL RESEARCH NETWORK SL LOROZMATIC SL LUISANNET ART AND TECHNOLOGY Lukkap CONSULTANTS INTERACTIVE MAGICBOX MAPFRE SA MACHINERY AND TOOLS FOR ASL ERICKSON SA MCCANN MEETME SPAIN SL MILVUELTAS S. MILLARD FILTERS IBERICA SL MINISTRY OF EDUCATION romantic museum Mobilife SL MONDIAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE SAU BLUE MONKS SL MORENA FILMS SL MOTORPRESS IBERICA SAU (GPS Media Solutions) LONDON MPTEC NACHER CREATIVE STUDIO NATUREH SL NICA SOLUTIONS NOCO EVENTS NONABOX (IZANAMÓN SL) CORE BUSINESS OGILVY ACTION & MATHER ADVERTISING OGILVY OMNIMEDIA MEDIA MANAGEMENT XXI (KAP) OPTIMUM MEDIA DIRECTION OPTIMUS RESTYLING PEARSON SPAIN PEOPLE WHO GLOBAL SL PLANET MEDIA STUDIOS PriceWaterhouseCoopers SL PROMOTER GENERAL OF MAGAZINES SA (Progresa Group Pres) QUICKMAC COMPUTERS, SL (PAPAYA THE GROUP) RADMAS TECHNOLOGIES SL REFLECT 3D RENDER AREA SL RESPIRO CAR SHARING REVOLUTION INTERACTIVE SLU RFM SOCIAL CHANGE ROOTER ANALYSIS SL LABELING AND SIGNAGE RUSTIK SOUL SL RURAL SAIKA SARA NAVARRO - SARA WORLD SEATRA HEADQUARTERS IN CHINA SELECT APARTMENTS LORD BURNS SL Mr. and Mrs. MUTT SL PRE-PRESS AND GRAPHICS SL systems SILVIA MARTÍNEZ DÍAZ (MARKETING EXTERNAL) SINCLAIR STUDIO SL SINGULAR MAPS SIVARIT TECS SL SODA COMMUNICATION GRA'FICA Reparamiauto solutions SOLUTIO OUTSOURCING SL SportApps ENTERTAINMENT STOP AND PLAY EUROPE SLU SUMMA COMMUNICATION SA MANDATORY SUPERFLUOUS (OUI OUI) SUPER TECHNOLOGIES SL T20 MEDIA TALENTUM BUSINESS SERVICES TAZNIA MEDIA SL (Readers Circle) TBWA SPAIN SA SPAIN DIGITAL TELEPHONE TELEPHONE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SAU TEMPLE OF OIL TELEPHONE LEARNING SERVICES SLU PAPAYA THE GROUP CORP. SL THE UNKNOWN ARTIST STUDIO TIM COMPUTER SERVICES IN THE RED EDITORIAL-THE UNIT WORLD-YO DONNA Usernet SL VANITY SL VERDEMAGENTA (Digital Hub flah 4U SL) Viajes El Corte Ingles VINYLCOLOR DIGITAL SL STAINED GLASS GROUP 1994 SL Vizzuality VOICES OF LEADERS SL VOLKSWAGEN FINANCE SA SPORTS MARKETING WANASPORT Worldnet21 SL WORTH SAPIENS WOTTOLINE SA SPAIN SAU ROCHER YVES TG Factory Shoe Stores Spain SL (Tino González) Zapping ADVERTISING SL YELMO FILMS ROCHER YVES SPAIN ZOTEL COMMUNICATION SL [-]