Bachelor Programs in Counseling in Australia 2020/2021

Counselling is a part of the Psychology branch of the social sciences, which deals with communicating with individuals and communities within society to help better a client in some way. Bachelor of Counselling graduates may work with clients with the aim to achieve a particular outcome through therapy, such as educational and career development, overcoming a social, psychological or emotional issue, focusing on assets and strengths, person-environment interactions, prevention and health. Bachelor of Counselling programs in Australia focus on qualifying individuals with the appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge essential for success in the field.

Typically lasting three to four years, Bachelor of Counselling programs are offered on a part-time or full-time basis, making it possible for students to design a more flexible study schedule. Possible career positions for Bachelor of Counselling graduates in Australia include Child Safety Officer, Family Worker, School Chaplain, Care Worker in hospital, Correctional Caseworker, Community Correctional Officer, Juvinile Justice Worker, Teen Challenge Counsellor and many more.

If a career dedicated to helping others to work through personal, social, economic or emotional issues sounds like a thoroughly rewarding undertaking, then a Bachelor in Counselling from a school in Australia could be the perfect undergraduate degree for you. Scroll down to learn more, today!

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Bachelor of Counseling

Edith Cowan University
6 semesters

This course provides students with theoretical foundations, beginning therapeutic skills and first self-reflective clinical practice proficiency in counselling.

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