Bachelor Programs in Cosmetology Studies in Brazil 2020/2021

A bachelor’s degree is a popular undergraduate program in which students enroll to prepare for a career. Classes students take are often a combination of general subjects and specific courses related to their fields of study.

What is a Bachelor in Cosmetology in Brazil? In this program, students learn a variety of activities that revolve around beauty management as well as business topics that may help them find success in the working world. Every program will vary, but many of them help students develop the techniques and tools to eliminate body and skin defects, maintain healthy body and facial skin, shape a desired image, and highlight attractive facial features. Students may also learn about human relations, marketing support, and communication strategies.

Many cosmetology programs offer internship opportunities for students, which give them real world experience and may also help them in their job search. The job outlook for the profession is faster than average, which is beneficial as well.

The costs associated with earning a cosmetology degree will vary depending on a number of factors. The location of the school, duration of the program, and whether the school is public or private will all influence tuition and fees. Students should get in touch with schools directly to ask about financial obligations. 

Individuals with degrees in cosmetology often have a variety of career opportunities from which they can choose. Their skills might prepare them for work in beauty salons and studies, aesthetic cosmetology clinics, spas, therapeutic cosmetology salons, and in photo and film studios. Graduates who have entrepreneurial spirits and skills may choose to open up their own cosmetology salons.

It is easy to look for cosmetology schools when you use our online database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Bachelor in aesthetic and cosmetic

Grupo Tiradentes
Mar 2021
6 semesters
Portuguese (Brazil)

Beauty has to come from within, but it is reflected out. The course of Aesthetics and Cosmetics, the Facipe, enables professionals who will work in the beauty industry, throug ...

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