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Computer Science

A bachelor’s degree is a post-secondary degree awarded after completed 120 credits. It usually takes eight semesters to complete a Bachelor’s degree. While completing an undergraduate course, candidates have to study general courses and chose a major specific subject. A Bachelor’s degree can also be called a baccalaureate in certain countries.

There are several fields that make up the broader field of computer science. One of these fields is the computational complexity theory, which can be very abstract. Other fields, such as computer graphics, deal more with concrete and hands-on visuals.  


Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic within the European Union, located in Southern Europe. To the north, it borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia along the Alps.

Top Bachelor Programs in Computer Science in Italy 2018

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Bachelor's degree Computer and Control Engineering

eCampus University
Online Full time Italy Milan

Professionals with this job title typically work in the fields of design, construction supervision, and testing of individual components or parts of machines and lines for the production, transmission and distribution of energy, direct instrumental measurements of the technical parameters of plants and machinery. [+]

Specific Learning Targets

Graduates of the degree course in Computer Engineering must:

know how to apply the methods of mathematics and other basic sciences to interpret and describe Computer Engineering problems; know the various methodologies of Engineering sciences in general and those of Computer Engineering in detail; identify, formulate and find a solution to Energy Engineering problems by employing updated methodologies and adequate techniques and tools; know how to employ techniques and tools for the design of components, systems and processes; know how to perform experiments and analyses and interpret the data; understand the impact of the engineering solutions in the social, physical-environmental context; know their professional and ethic responsibility; know the business context and culture in their financial, managerial and organisational aspects; know contemporary contexts; have relational and decisional skills; fluently speak and write one of the European Union languages, in addition to the Italian language, in their specific field of competence to share general information; have acquired the specific skills to update their own knowledge. Occupational and Professional Outlets ... [-]

Bachelor of Software Engineering - Game Programming

Media Design School
Campus Full time 3 years February 2019 Italy Milan

The Bachelor of Software Engineering (Game Programming) is the only degree of its kind in New Zealand and delivers a highly developed technical knowledge base and skill-set. Work across multiple game platforms including PlayStation using commercial grade [+]

When becoming a Game Programmer, you'll learn best while doing. You'll code, you'll craft and, in the end, you'll graduate with a gaming portfolio like no other. By the end of your third year at Media Design School, you'll have worked with other like-minded programmers and artists to develop an industry level game, giving you the perfect showreel to kick-start your professional career.

Better yet, Media Design School is the only school in New Zealand who has partnered with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's PlayStation First Academic Development Programme, giving our students the opportunity to develop games for the PlayStation platform.

Careers & Industry

To be a game developer you'll need both the experience and practical skills to be able to work across multiple game platforms and the ability to collaborate in a group that simulates the industry environment.... [-]

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering ( taught in Italian )

University Of Bergamo
Campus Full time 3 years October 2018 Italy Bergamo

The aim of the course is to prepare a professional with specialized competences in the field of computers as well as a basic knowledge of engineering skills. [+]

The aim of the course is to prepare a professional with specialized competencies in the field of computers as well as a basic knowledge of engineering skills.

Graduates will be able to resolve complex computer problems or problems involving more than one field. They will be in a position to plan, draw up projects for and manage computer systems, other information technology services and complex industrial automated systems.


Computer systems specialists, experts at designing systems based on new technologies and concerning the planning and running of complex computer systems in business environments Specialists in industrial computer systems, experts at the planning and implementing of factory production control systems and industrial and electronic automation.... [-]