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Computer Science

A bachelor's degree is given to students who fulfill the necessary requirements given by the college or university they are attending. The requirements include three to seven years of focus on a subject, typically referred to as a major or concentration.

Computer science is a field that has rapidly expanded with the growth of technological development. According to definition, it is a practical and scientific approach to computation. This involves the algorithms that deal with obtaining, processing and representing information.



Botswana is located in southern Africa and has made significant progress in developing its higher education system. The discovery of diamonds substantially increased revenue for the nation, and much of this revenue has been funneled into improving schools and colleges.

Top Bachelor Programs in Computer Science in Botswana 2019

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BEng Computer & Telecommunications Engineering

Botswana International University Of Science And Technology
Campus Full time 5 years February 2019 Botswana Palapye

The course will equip students with the concepts, theories, and principles underlying science and mathematics of electrical, computer and telecommunications engineering for a broad range of modern technologies. [+]

There are only a few aspects of modern society that are not affected by computers and telecommunications. Computer Engineering has ushered in a lot of modern conveniences from microwave ovens, mobile phones, high and ultra-definition televisions, entertainment, and automated systems, wireless high-speed internet technologies that are controlled by computer systems. Communicating information over short and long distances over wired and wireless networks, and the security of such data, networks, power lines, and electrical distribution is central to engineers who specialize in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering. As the world moves further into the knowledge economy, the demand for high-level qualifications has increased exponentially. The computer and telecommunications revolution has particularly impact economic growth in Africa and the world over.... [-]