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A bachelor's degree is given to students who fulfill the necessary requirements given by the college or university they are attending. The requirements include three to seven years of focus on a subject, typically referred to as a major or concentration.

There are several fields that make up the broader field of computer science. One of these fields is the computational complexity theory, which can be very abstract. Other fields, such as computer graphics, deal more with concrete and hands-on visuals.  


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Université Internationale de Rabat (UIR)

The diploma License "Genie Computing" is a double diploma issued by the UIR and the University of Nantes, was obtained after the success of the program for three years.Th ... [+]

Degree in Computer Engineering The diploma License "Genie Computing" is a double diploma issued by the UIR and the University of Nantes, was obtained after the success of the program for three years. The form of license specialists in information management. Their skills make them one of the most research profiles by companies.

This training, animated by a faculty composed of faculty and professionals recognized nationally and internationally, provides students with the skills necessary for intellectual and technical implementation and management of computer projects.

Around the fundamental teachings, the students of the license "Genie Computing" will be made to realize a professional project framed by the teaching staff of the UIR. ... [-]

Morocco Rabat
August 2019
Igbinedion University, Okada

The vision of the Department is to be the best and Computer Engineering Department in any Nigerian University with national and international acclaim; a Department where ... [+]


This new prospectus for undergraduate programmes sets out in detail information on the structure of the College of Engineering and includes extracts from the University Regulations governing First Degree programmes.

From 2002/2003 Session, the College had been offering degree programmes in four major disciplines, namely:

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical/Electronics and Computer Engineering Mechanical Engineering

All the programmes are fully accredited by both NUC and COREN.

The new prospectus which has been reviewed according to NUC Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) shall be of great value to students and staff of the College and other persons who may wish to obtain information on the academic programmes in all the six departments in the College of Engineering... [-]

Nigeria Benin City
March 2020
4 years
Botswana International University Of Science And Technology

The course will equip students with the concepts, theories, and principles underlying science and mathematics of electrical, computer and telecommunications engineering f ... [+]

There are only a few aspects of modern society that are not affected by computers and telecommunications. Computer Engineering has ushered in a lot of modern conveniences from microwave ovens, mobile phones, high and ultra-definition televisions, entertainment, and automated systems, wireless high-speed internet technologies that are controlled by computer systems. Communicating information over short and long distances over wired and wireless networks, and the security of such data, networks, power lines, and electrical distribution is central to engineers who specialize in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering. As the world moves further into the knowledge economy, the demand for high-level qualifications has increased exponentially. The computer and telecommunications revolution has particularly impact economic growth in Africa and the world over.... [-]

Botswana Palapye
September 2019
5 years

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Technology is a degree in engineering that allows both to practice in the computer trades and ... [+]

The Bachelor of Science - B.Sc. and Applied Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Technology is a Higher Diploma in Engineering, available to Bachelor's graduates. After an integrated preparatory cycle, the student realizes an innovation project on an issue, and specializes enentreprise before finalizing a project graduation with memory (Bachelor Thesis).

The student can do a semester; project, specialty or internship at the end of international studies with partners of the International University of Tunis .

The diploma awarded by the Private International Higher School of Tunis is a Tunisian State Diploma accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and a German B.Sc. * degree recognized worldwide. B.Sc. allows both to work in the computer trades and to pursue engineering; Engineer's degree and Master of Science (M.Sc.) .* being accredited... [-]

Tunisia Tunis
September 2019
3 years
Université Catholique de Bukavu

The Faculty of Sciences of the UCB has existed since 2003 and had at first only the Department of Computer Science. The opening of the Department at that time was an unpr ... [+]

Computing Degree

(Option: Computer Science of Management and Networks and Telecommunications)

The Faculty of Sciences of the UCB has existed since 2003 and had at first only the Department of Computer Science. The opening of the Department at that time was an unprecedented need to provide large-scale university personnel in the computer field in Greater Kivu and its surroundings. In recent years, UCB's strategic managers have been aware of the need to gradually consolidate this Department of Informatics, whose importance is constantly increasing while diversifying the training offer in the light of the needs of the Company.

From the beginning of the academic year 2015-2016, the new Department of Environmental Sciences and the Networks and Telecommunication option that coexists with the Computer Science of Management in the Bachelor's Degree in Sciences computing. This momentum of consolidation of the existing doubled with the opening of new horizons is only at its beginning because in the medium term, the opening of new Departments (reflections already advanced in favor of Architecture and Construction, software engineering) will allow many families to stop sending their daughters and sons to remote areas and presenting multiform risks for formations that are generally expensive and costly to discuss.... [-]

Congo, DR Bukavu
September 2019