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A bachelor’s degree is a four-year undergraduate degree and is the standard for higher education throughout most of the world. Bachelor’s degrees can be earned at state universities, at private universities, at community colleges and via online universities.

The activity of selling and buying services and goods, typically on a large scale, is known as commerce. It encompasses everything from systems of economics to politics to culture. In short, it affects the business prospects of an economy.

Mexico is one of the most popular tourist countries on the planet. The country has both tropical and temperate zones giving students the best time here. If you wish to study for your course in the National Autonomous University of Mexico, it will be a brilliant life with much entertainment in the country as well.

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Degree In International Trade And Business

Universidad Tecmilenio
Campus or Online Part time 9 semesters July 2018 Mexico Mexico Online Mexico State Monterrey + 2 more

Manage business relationships efficiently on a global scale. [+]

Labor Field

As a Trade and International Business professional, you can apply your knowledge and develop yourself in:

Areas of marketing and sales, negotiation, export, import and international logistics companies Government and customs agencies Business consultants Multinational companies Commercial offices where activities of logistics, export and import of products are carried out The world of entrepreneurship when creating your own company Curriculum


Introduction to the career Fundamentals of administration Seminar on verbal skills


Computing: Microsoft Office and Internet Effective communication Marketing Accounting and costs Mathematical fundamentals Information Technology for Business ... [-]

Degree In International Trade

Universidad Tecmilenio
Campus 8 semesters July 2018 Mexico Chihuahua San Luis Potosi Culiacan Mazatlán Guadalajara Cancún Veracruz Puebla Merida Queretaro Durango Campus Cuernavaca Mexico State Mexico City Monterrey Torreon Ciudad Juárez Villahermosa Nuevo Laredo + 17 more

Manage business relationships efficiently on a global scale. [+]

Graduate Profile

By graduating from the International Trade career, you are able to:

Manage the import and export operations of goods efficiently with knowledge of the legal framework. Identify and select potential markets for international trade. Order the key logistics activities for the supply and distribution of goods and services using information technologies. Adapt the processes of negotiation and commercialization to the sociocultural values ​​of different countries. Design trade exchange strategies that allow companies to enter national and international markets. Establish transport logistics and tariff management to enhance the competitiveness of a company. Design international marketing strategies taking into account cultural differences. Labor Field ... [-]