Bachelor Programs in Chinese in South Korea 2021

A bachelor’s degree is a post-secondary degree awarded after completed 120 credits. It usually takes eight semesters to complete a Bachelor’s degree. While completing an undergraduate course, candidates have to study general courses and chose a major specific subject. A Bachelor’s degree can also be called a baccalaureate in certain countries.

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign country located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. The name "Korea" is derived from Goryeo, a dynasty which ruled in the Middle Ages. South Korea is now a liberal democracy and an economic powerhouse. The most prestigious comprehensive universities are Seoul National University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Yonsei University and Korea University.

Top Bachelor Programs in Chinese in South Korea 2021

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Bachelor in Chinese

Busan University of Foreign Studies
Mar 2021

The Division of China aims at nurturing experts of China. Under such a purpose, the Division is educating students to make them experts with capacities of Chinese language, lo ...

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