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Chemistry is a category of physical science that deals with the structure, composition, and various properties of matter. Some topics which chemistry aims to cover include the formation of chemical bonds, properties of atoms, and the intermolecular forces responsible for giving matter its unique properties.

The Netherlands is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, consisting of twelve provinces in North-West Europe and three islands in the Caribbean. English speaking students will have no problems finding suitable courses. For international students applying to universities in the Netherlands, several scholarships are available.

Top Bachelor Programs in Chemistry in Netherlands 2019

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Bachelor's programme in Chemistry

Radboud University
Campus Full time 3 years September 2019 Netherlands Nijmegen

In the Bachelor's programme in Chemistry in Nijmegen you learn how to work with molecules to give them the right properties – whether for mobile phone displays, painkillers for headaches, or paint for decorating your room. It’s a truly hands-on programme where you get to discover and make a wide range of applications. [+]

The Bachelor's programme in Chemistry: something for you?

Studying Chemistry at Radboud University involves more than just theory. If you are interested in the properties of molecules and how they react with one another, Chemistry is the programme for you. You will learn to understand or improve existing processes and to predict reactions. Armed with this knowledge, you can create new substances and materials, or come up with solutions to a wide range of problems.

Chemists routinely make significant contributions to a sustainable world, finding ways to generate energy from sunlight or movement, or developing new medicines. Chemistry is also very important in the cosmetics and food industries.... [-]

Bachelor in Chemistry

HAN University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 4 years February 2019 Netherlands Nijmegen

Would you like to make a difference through science? To work on experiments that lead to the development of new products? Or that help to keep our environment clean? Sign up for Chemistry at HAN University of Applied Sciences and get a solid start to a rewarding career. [+]


Theory and practice are inseparable at HAN University of Applied Sciences and the bachelor course Chemistry. You get a solid theoretical foundation in all the current research topics in chemistry and at the same time, you dive straight into practice in the lab.

This means working in groups of Chemistry students on projects that deal with real problems in the chemistry field. And because HAN University of Applied Sciences collaborates with companies and research institutes in the Netherlands and abroad, you get to work on cutting-edge research projects. This gives you invaluable experience as well as problem-solving and communication skills that put you in high demand on the labor market.... [-]