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Many students working toward earning a degree focused on certified public accounting often have their sights set on becoming an accountant. Trained professionals in this field may find careers maintaining and auditing tax records within a large corporation, a public accounting firm, for a small business or even for individuals.

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EAN - Escuela Argentina de Negocios

EAN offers a study plan for Administrative Accounting Analysts and Public Accountants legitimized by an Advisory Board of companies committed to the institutional project ... [+]



Accounting Administrative University Analyst (3 years)


Public Accountant (4 years)

Resol. ME 1258/10 Modif. Note DNGU No. 3478/15

Face-to-face modality. Undergraduate degree/>

The entry to EAN is unrestricted although the applicant must meet the following admission requirements:

Interview with pedagogical advisor.Attendance to talk of professional responsibilities with the Director of the Career.Assistance to institutional presentation by the Rector.Participation of the entrance course: Introduction to the Sciences of the AdministrationIn addition to the documentation requirements stipulated in the internal regulationsGeneral considerations/>... [-]
Argentina Buenos Aires
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Spanish (Argentina)
3 - 4 years