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Poland has a long history of professional and innovative leaders in many fields, including business. That is why a Bachelor of Business program in Poland is a top choice for students from around the world. There is a growing international student population which further enriches the educational experience by allowing students to learn from various perspectives and backgrounds. A Bachelor of Business degree in Poland is sure to be a successful step in your business career.

In Poland, a Bachelor of Business program will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to apply business principles to real world issues. Students will be able to apply theory to practice in subjects such as marketing, finance, management, human resources, and business law. In addition, students taking a Bachelor of Business degree in Poland will have excellent opportunities to enter the job market with a competitive advantage.

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BSc Business and Technology (BT)

Czestochowa University Of Technology
Campus Full time 3 years October 2017 Poland Częstochowa

The main objective of studies in English is to educate future engineers who, while gaining in-depth professional knowledge of their fields [+]

Best Bachelors in Business in Poland 2017. CUT offers three-year taught full-time BSc studies in English. If you choose this option you can benefit from a unique educational offer that will help you develop a wide range of useful and transferable skills. All lectures, classes and projects are conducted entirely in English. The main objective of studies in English is to educate future engineers who, while gaining in-depth professional knowledge of their fields of study, will also develop excellent linguistic competence in ESP and Business English. The University collaborates with many EU higher education institutions and students are given the opportunity to study for one semester at any of the selected foreign academic centres (it is so-called mobility semester, i.e. a semester of studying in one of European universities financed by the LLP-Erasmus programme). The studies take place in a two-level system – I degree and II degree studies (Bachelor level and Master level studies). According to the declared specialization of study, prospective students should apply to the Faculty which runs the particular specialization. Faculty of Management In 1989 the then Faculty of Machine Construction, (the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at present), initiated a new study module of Organization and Industry Management. In the academic year 1989/1990, it educated its first group of freshmen in the specialization of Organization and Management in Machine Industry. On 1 October, 1991 the Department of Organization and Management was set up at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. In 1992 it became... [-]